6 Tips to Stay Cool Over the Summer When You’re Pregnant


It’s been more than a few years since I was pregnant during the summer, but I do remember it being hotter than usual. Whether you’re in your first trimester or nearing the end of your pregnancy this summer, there are ways to make the summer heat a bit more bearable. If you have kids or it’s your first go-around, don’t let the summer heat totally deplete you. There are ways to cope and make it more manageable. 

1. Hydrate!

This one seems obvious but it really can’t be said enough. With Carolina summers reaching into the high 90s and even low 100s, hydration is so important. 

Get yourself an insulated thermos or cup and fill all those ounces with plenty of ice and water. There are so many options out there but go for one that keeps cold drinks cold for an extended length of time. Especially if you’ll be taking trips to the zoo, local playgrounds, or any other outdoor activity

2. Wear Cool Dresses

I loved wearing flowy and lightweight dresses when I was pregnant. No need to spend loads of money on maternity dresses because you can always size up in regular clothes or shop secondhand. (By the way, shopping indoors is another cool option!)

You can also opt for biker shorts to wear under dresses, which will help with sticky thighs. Tip: Opt for biker shorts with pockets in case your dresses don’t have any.

3. Head to the Movies!

Movie theaters are a popular option during the summer. Many Theaters now have reclining seats, which are incredibly comfortable! Reclining seats, snacks, and cool temps? It’s a pregnant woman’s paradise!

4. Make a Splash!

Going to the pool or to the beach is a no-brainer. If you can’t make it to the pool, get an inflatable pool for home where you (and the kids!) can splash and stay cool. You can also take advantage of the many wonderful splash pads Columbia has to offer. 

Whichever option you take advantage of, make sure to pack the SPF, a travel fan, and have some sort of shade to keep yourself from being overheated. Have some cool treats like popsicles on standby as well. And, of course, don’t forget your water bottle!

5. Take a Walk Indoors

If you have a membership to a gym that has an indoor walking track, stay active and go for a walk inside. Some gyms, such as the Lexington Baptist Church recreation center, allow anyone to join. There’s also a women’s only fitness studio in downtown Lexington that offers healing in postpartum recovery, particularly with diastasis recti, which is good to keep in mind after baby arrives and you’re clear to work out.

Staying active is important during pregnancy but always check with your physician and modify as necessary. And remember, don’t compare yourself to another pregnant mama. Everyone’s different in their journey.

6. Wear Comfortable Footwear!

This is so important as you’re more likely to swell during these hot months. Find something with stability and cushion, if necessary. Slip-ons are probably your best bet, especially for all the third trimester moms! Cheap flip flops might seem easy but your feet will be yelling at you later. Of course, it may be a perfect excuse to have your significant other rub your feet for you.

What tips would you add to this list?

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Natalie Szrajer
Natalie has lived in South Carolina most of her life after her family moved across the country from California. Growing up in a small, South Carolina town allowed her to appreciate the simple ways of country living. She now resides in Lexington which isn't too far from rural life. She holds a degree in Journalism from USC (Go Gamecocks!) and currently writes for a couple of Lexington publications. After giving birth to twins, she decided staying home was the best option for her family. In addition to identifying with other twin moms, she has also come to know the world of NICU survivors, early intervention and the world of special needs. Aside from being a twin mom, she also enjoys church and growing with God, writing, crafting, walking and a nice cup of tea. She also appreciates and loves learning about different cultures as she is of Asian American descent.


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