10 Tasty Burgers to Try for National Hamburger Day


It’s National Burger Day. Now that’s a holiday worth celebrating! Side of fries with my burger, please!

Whether a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan or anywhere in between, a hamburger is the ultimate comfort food. Good old-fashioned with or without the bun, lettuce wrap, quesadilla, vegetarian, or vegan burgers…there is a hamburger option for everyone!

1. Homemade Smash Burgers 

If you crave a thinner burger, this copycat Smashburger recipe is top shelf. The spices and technique make a perfect thinner burger with a crispy outside. Magnifique! I make this patty using Impossible Burger meat and it turns out delightful! Just make sure not to miss the “smash,” instruction/step in this recipe. That’s the secret to this tasty burger!

2. Stovetop Burgers

Making a burger on the stovetop is yummy and a tremendous time saver. This ground chuck recipe is delectable, but could also be made with turkey or black beans. The patty can be made spicy with simple seasoning salt or taco seasoning. Any steak seasoning mix makes this patty shine at dinnertime.  

3. Penzeys Seasoned Salt Burger

Penzeys Spice has incredible flavor profiles. My spice rack is filled with Penzeys spices!  Their basic seasoned salt hamburger recipe creates hamburger dreams. Super simple but not simple taste. It can be grilled or prepared on the stovetop with any meat or non-meat mixture. Additionally, this seasoning salt can be used for French fries to accompany any burger! 

4. Niman Ranch Burgers

Sometimes I like to eat fancy but don’t want to cook or spend fancy. Ina Garten’s recipe for Niman Ranch Burgers fits the bill and isn’t complicated to prepare. This burger and sauce paired with a toasty English muffin is scrumptious. 

5. Stuffed Hamburgers

Stuffed hamburgers, whether with jalapeno, cheese, or bacon, are culinary delights, but really tough to make. But this recipe is straightforward. Even a rookie like myself can successfully make and munch on this luscious burger!

6. Applebee’s Copycat Burger Recipes

Ever felt like something spicy but also easy and inexpensive? This copycat recipe for Applebee’s quesadilla burger is on point! Super flavorsome and close to the Applebee’s entrée. Fajita burgers are another good alternative. Any garnish such as avocado, pepper jack or Cotija cheese, grilled red peppers and onions, is an excellent add-on. Bye-bye Taco Night! You’re being temporarily replaced with spicy burger night.

7. Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are healthy, but the meat tends to dry out. Adding a healthy fat can help keep the burger juicy. Avocado or olive oil, or even a chopped onion can help. This recipe is by far the best turkey burger recipe. Here’s to healthy burgers without scrimping on the flavor!

8. Vegan Black Bean Burger

This black bean burger is vegan and effortless to prepare. I enjoy adding a slice of American Cheese and a garlic mayonnaise spread. Talk about appetizing! It’s not dry and doesn’t fall apart. Vegan cheese and vegetables can be added to dress up the burger patty as well.

9. Boca Veggie Burger

My family loves the Boca Veggie Burger. Because the patty always seems to stick and leaves behind that savory crusty crunch in the pan or on the grill, I bake the patties on a nonstick pan at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (flip at 8 minutes) and place a slice of cheese and back in the oven for 2-3 minutes. We serve these on a Sweet Hawaiian hamburger bun. These are so mouthwatering, my picky eight-year-old eats them, and even asks for another!

10. Grilled and Baked Hamburgers

Grilled and baked hamburgers are both succulent. Grill marks are the stuff burger legends are made of, but grilling can be messy and time-consuming. While no grill marks, a simple baked hamburger can be just as tasty and much easier to clean up.

Let’s talk burger toppings, how to mix your burger and buns…

The options for hamburger toppings are endless! If transforming into a cheeseburger, evenly melted cheese is a must! Placing the cheese slice on the patty on the pan/grill at a low temperature and covering for a few minutes results in a cheesy delight! Any vegetable like avocado, lettuce, onion, pickle, and/or tomato can be added to make a flavorsome and bright hamburger. Add-ons like crispy bacon or other garnishes/condiments can give the burger an excellent flavor and pop.

Everyone differs on their preferred mix for a meat burger; some swear by fatty beef while others prefer a leaner cut or even turkey. It all depends on taste and health considerations. Some use eggs or breadcrumbs, even onions as a binding agent. Some prefer the basics; meat and spices. I prefer the Impossible Meat for veggie burgers, which can be purchased at local grocery stores and is priced reasonably. For vegetarian or vegan patties, avocado or olive oil, even chopped onions or vegetables can be used to bind the patty. Ground brown rice is also excellent to hold the patties together and a healthier burger.

Buns for burgers can be brioche, ciabatta, English muffin, lettuce, sesame seed, Sweet Hawaiian, white, or wheat. My favorite is the Cheesecake Factory hamburger bun. They are hearty and appetizing. While they aren’t healthy, they’re full of flavor and make one tasty burger.

Numerous restaurants in the Midlands serve the best burgers. The top of my list for burgers are The Kingsman in Cayce, Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen in downtown Columbia (vegan option – their vegan bacon cheeseburgers will make you question if it’s really vegan and how), and Rockaway’s in Forest Acres (the pimento cheeseburger will knock your socks off).

Whatever your health considerations and menu choices, there are many flavorsome hamburger options for you to enjoy to take out, dine in, or make yourself.

Let the Hamburger Games begin!

Which one will you choose for National Hamburger Day?

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