Toni Turbeville Morton

Toni Turbeville Morton
Toni Turbeville Morton is an eccentric human, writer and artist spending her days with two special boys, one cat named Bunny, and one frog named FrogHop. A work-at-home mom to two boys with special needs, her life revolves around bodily fluids, toys, ignoring laundry, doctors and therapy. A Lexington, South Carolina, native and University of South Carolina alum, she can be found online at — a blog dedicated to helping caregivers of people with special needs and disabilities. Before becoming Super Mom, Toni worked as Public Relations Director for several non-profit arts organizations including the Columbia Marionette Theatre, SC Philharmonic and Columbia Museum of Art.

Celebrate Your Amazing Self This Mother’s Day

I don't have a relationship with my mother, but I am a very proud mother to two boys of my own. Before they came along, I often enjoyed playing "mother" to others who crossed...

Turkey With a Side of Mixed Nuts

I don't remember ever being overly excited about Thanksgiving. As an only child from a ... let's say ... odd family, I would watch holiday movies with intense interest. Who were these people? How...

Medicating My Child for the First Time

When you have children with special needs, I think there are certain things you just come to accept and expect. You accept things like spending a ridiculous amount of time in too-bright waiting rooms;...

7 Quick, Easy, and Cheap Summer Boredom Busters

Eddie Cochran claimed there was no cure for the summertime blues, while my daddy always said, “Idle hands are the devil’s play thing.” Both certainly seem true for a summer at home with two...
Action Jackson

Autism Aware Everyday

I enthusiastically raised my hand, volunteering to write a piece for Autism Awareness Month, although I had no idea what it was exactly I wanted to say. My feeds are ripe with stories of...
Super Brothers

A Down Syndrome Diagnosis Three Years Later

Three years ago I had no idea what Down syndrome really was. Had someone asked, the best I could probably say is "Corky" from "Life Goes On" because that is the almost embarrassingly small...

Best Practices for Organizing Kids’ Paperwork

My friends will tell you I’m a neat freak. My friends might be right. I was woefully unprepared for the deluge of paper that comes with children. T-shirt order form, ticket order form, homework, projects,...