Celebrating the Month of the Military Child


Celebrating the Month of the Military ChildApril is the Month of the Military Child. It’s a chance to celebrate children all across the nation who make daily sacrifices and overcome many challenges. Military children deal with deployments, moving every couple of years, changing schools, and sometimes, the loss of a parent. It’s time to celebrate these special children and recognize all they endure!

Here are some ways you can celebrate this special month and honor the military children in your life.

Purple Up!

Show your support for military kids by wearing purple on April 15. Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military. It’s a combination of the colors of each branch: Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red, and Navy blue. While April 15 is the national Purple Up day, be sure to check your child’s school to see if they are wearing purple on a different day.

Fort Jackson/Military Group Sponsored Events

1. Young Lives Big Stories Contest (April 1 – 30)

The Young Lives, BIG Stories contest gives Army-connected children and youth ages three through 12th grade the chance to tell their story about what it means to be a military child through pictures or written, audio, video submissions. This annual contest runs during April, the Month of the Military Child (MOMC). Children and youth have the opportunity to win great prizes.

2. Month of the Military Child Community Jamboree (April 6)

This fun event celebrates the resiliency, bravery, and courage of military children. There will be bounce houses, face-painting, ball0on artist and more! This event will be held at VFW Post 641, 534 S Beltline Blvd, from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm. Check out the VFW Facebook page or the event page for more information.  

3. Youth Fishing Derby (April 20)

Check out the annual ODR Youth Fishing Derby at Heise Pond. Youth ages 5 to 16 are welcome to come try their hand at catching “the big one.” There will be be prizes for heaviest fish! You can register at the check in tent on the day of the event. No need to register ahead of time. The event will take place April 20th from 8:00am – 1:00pm and is FREE. Call Marion Street Station for more information at 803-751-3484.

4. Operation Megaphone (April 26 – 27)

Operation Megaphone is a special event that connects youth from all over the world. Army CYS Youth will connect teens using virtual or in-person formats, as determined by garrison command approval and HPCON level.

Youth from Army CYS Youth programs worldwide will meet for one 24-hour period to discuss key issues that affect military youth across the services.

Contact the Fort Jackson MWR or Youth Center for more information.

5. The Exchange

Be sure to stop by the Exchange on base for some special discounts and contests. Visit the Exchange website for a chance to win some fabulous prizes! Prizes include a variety of toys. The Exchange also has a variety of “Military Brat” souvenirs like dog tags, pins, patches, coins, lanyards, and bags available for purchase in-store. You can also get a FREE military brat patch at select Exchange locations during the entire month of April.

6. The Commissary

It’s time for the annual Month of the Military Child coloring contest! Head on over the Commissary website for contest information and coloring pages. Contest is open to children 11 years old and younger. The winner of the contest will receive a $25 Commissary gift card. Click HERE to sign your child up and get your coloring pages. Also, you can download a free Month of the Military Child Earth Day Passport. 

Other Local Events

School Events

Check your child’s school calendar to see what special events they might be offering. Some schools may even be celebrating this year with a Military Family Spirit Week.

Community Events

Check to see if your local community is celebrating in any way.

Additional Ways to Celebrate

  • Military discounts: Be sure to check out local businesses and restaurants to see if they are offering any special promotions this month. You can also find a helpful list of other discounts here.
  • School project: Ask your child’s teacher (or other teachers as well!) to make a special project celebrating military children. It could be as simple as making a special picture frame, bookmark, drawing, journal, letters to military children, etc. 
  • School assembly: Work at a school? Why not have an assembly to celebrate military children? Ask the students to write poems or a short story about being a military child and have a few students read them at the assembly. Have the school band play. You can even do the Pledge of Allegiance. Why not have all the military children stand and be recognized? So many possibilities!
  • Website promotion and flyers: Schools and businesses can promote the Month of the Military Child on their website and provide links to helpful resources for military families. Don’t forget to send out flyers and promote any event(s) your school and/or business may be having!
  • Classroom activities: There are a wide variety of activities that can be done in the classroom to celebrate. Teachers can read stories about military children to their students; Military-themed Show and Tell; Create a world map and have the military students in the classroom mark where they’ve lived; have theme days for one or two weeks and have the students dress accordingly. So many options!

There are many ways to celebrate military children in April! No matter how you celebrate, don’t forget to tag those social media pictures with #purpleup! Let’s join together and show our military children and families how special and important they are. And let’s honor them for the countless sacrifices they make on a daily basis. 

Are you a military family? Tell us below! We’d love to recognize you for your service. 


  1. We are a door military family my husband it’s in security forces and I am a medic. We have three resilient little ones.


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