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Before I became a mom, I enjoyed going to the various walking and running trails in the Midlands. Cayce Riverwalk is probably my favorite. It’s convenient to downtown, the lovely businesses on State Street, and a quick drive from my home in West Columbia.

The trail is beautiful – it runs all along the river and is filled with tall trees and various sorts of plant life. The best part is the whole trail is either covered with concrete or a wooden bridge, making the hike easy and accessible for most people, even small children.



Address: 201 Naples Avenue, Cayce, SC 29033

Cayce Riverwalk can be accessed from Axtell Drive or State Street. The Axtell Drive entrance point is right over the Blossom Street bridge if you’re coming from downtown. The State Street entrance is near Brookland-Cayce High School. The area is very quiet and there are a few playgrounds near the park. A paved parking lot sits at the entrance. 

Cost: Free and open to the public


  • Large, paved parking lot
  • Clean restrooms at the entrance
  • Wide, paved trail
  • Beautiful river views
  • Wooden bridges
  • Picnic tables and covered shelters
  • Lots of Shade
  • Police call box for emergencies

What We Love About It

This is a great place to take children for a little hike. The well-maintained trail is stroller-friendly and easy for little kids to walk on. Avid bug hunters like my daughter will be able to spot plenty of grasshoppers, dragonflies, and butterflies. Wildlife such as turtles, squirrels, and birds are also easy to spot on the trail. The restroom at the front entrance is usually pretty clean, and the tiles inside are decorated with children’s art.

When you walk the trail, you will have a gorgeous view of the river. The trail feels very serene. Your kids will love walking through the covered bridges, and if you’re lucky, you might see a train pass you from above. Animal carvings once adorned the trees and logs of the trail. Many of these have eroded away, but if you look closely you can still spot a few. There are several benches, tables, and covered shelters along the trail for families who want to picnic.

When the hiking is done, there are several other parks and playgrounds in the area. If you’re too hungry to play anymore, you can go to nearby Cafe Strudel, D’s Wings, or Henry’s. 

Things to Be Aware Of

Cayce Riverwalk is a very popular park. Many people go right after work to run, so it can be busy at times. It’s also a bicycle-friendly trail, so watch out for people riding behind you if you are there with your kids. Mosquitoes can be a problem during certain times of the year. Bring bug spray if you want to protect yourself.

If you’re looking for someplace to stretch your legs and get in a little outdoor time, you should definitely check out the Cayce Riverwalk! Bring your kids if you want to treat them to a nature walk, or treat yourself and go alone.

What do you enjoy about the Cayce Riverwalk?

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Allison Linden
Allison Linden is an Alabama native who moved to the Midlands in 2011 with her now husband, Darin. Allison and Darin currently live in Red Bank with their children - Vivian and Henry. Allison has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and obtained her MBA in May 2019, while almost 8 months pregnant with Vivian. She has worked for a retail energy company since 2013 and began working from home during the pandemic. Her husband became a house spouse after the birth of Vivian to allow Allison to pursue her career goals. Balancing working at home with a baby and a preschooler has been a challenge, but she has thoroughly enjoyed watching her children grow up. Allison enjoys taking her children to Edventure, Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens (the garden is way cooler than people give it credit for), local parks, the library, gymnastics, and dance class. When she is not working or momming, Allison enjoys exercising, binging true crime shows on Max, and occasionally having dinner and drinks with friends. Likes: Vacations, concerts, stand-up comedy, nice restaurants, bacon, juicy gossip. Hates: Yard work, driving, pants without an elastic waistband (hard pants), running.


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