4 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Black History Month as a Family


Every February, we have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements, contributions and events of African-Americans throughout U.S. history. This month, and honestly, all year round, families can come together to learn and honor the legacy of Black history, especially here in the Midlands. Here are four meaningful ways to celebrate Black History Month as a family.

1. Explore A Local Museum or African American History Tour

Take a walk with the family and explore the African American History Monument on the State House Grounds, or visit the 521 All-Stars Baseball exhibit at the SC State Museum. You can also check out one of four African American History Tours offered at the Modjeska Monteith Simkins House and Mann-Simons Site. In addition, you could also go on the African American Heritage Sites Tour and explore Black history in ColumbiaNot only do you get some great exercise exploring but these visits will also be both educational and inspiring for family members of all ages. 

2. Host A Family Movie Night

What’s better than a movie night with the family?! This month consider choosing a film that highlights Black history, culture and achievements. There are numerous selections that touch on the civil rights movement, significant African-American individuals that changed the nation, Black art and culture, and much more. Choose an age-appropriate movie for your family, pop some popcorn and enjoy that movie! Use this opportunity to create an open dialogue that sparks conversations and brings some reflections afterwards. 

3.  Attend A Local Black History Event

Here in the Midlands there’s always something going on and that includes Black History Month events. Look for special events or performances happening throughout the month at local community centers, libraries, schools and universities. Here are a few fantastic events to check out:

4. Support A Black-Owned Business

Everyone has to eat. Why not make a special effort to have a family dinner at a local Black-owned restaurant? Some Black owned restaurants in Columbia include: The Toasty Hot Spot, Railroad BBQ, A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen, and Kiki’s Chicken & Waffles. It’s a particular favorite of my toddler, he loves their fluffy waffles.

You can also shop at a local Black-owned business. It not only supports Black entrepreneurship but you’re also contributing to a thriving local economy. You can find a list of Black-owned businesses in Columbia on the Cola Today website

Celebrating Black History Month as a family is not only an opportunity to educate and inspire, but also a chance to foster compassion, understanding and appreciation for the contributions of Black individuals and communities in this country. It’s a reminder that Black History is and will always be American History.

How will you be celebrating Black History Month? 



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