Watching Your Child Become Exactly Who They Are Supposed to Be


My daughter just turned seven. As she gets older each year, I enjoy looking back on who she used to be and watching who she is becoming. Like how when I found out I was having a girl I was very adamant about NOT dressing her in pink everything and getting gender neutral toys and accessories. This girl, however, knew what she wanted and has been drawn to pink and all things glittery since she was about two. I didn’t do anything for this to happen, it just became who she is and what she likes. 

I look back at how she has loved dancing and singing since she could walk and is now enjoying weekly tap dance lessons and will make up dances in the living room on a whim. She sings karaoke like nobody’s business and knows the lyrics to almost the whole Disney library. She will ask for music at bedtime and requests songs in the car like I’m her personal DJ. 

I look back on how she always wanted to cover us up and pat our backs as a toddler. How she was always so concerned for others who got minor injuries as a toddler, too. She now got a somewhat real doctor kit from Santa and hasn’t stopped doing checkups for the past week. She truly enjoys helping others and is the first to ask if you are okay if she suspects someone is hurt. 

I look back on how she tried soccer and enjoyed the socialization more than the game. How she asked to try softball instead because there is less running. How now she is more into the dance classes than any other sport. She’s more likely to learn a pirouette before she learns to hit one out of the park. 

I look back on all the times I thought I knew what she needed or wanted, and how I was completely wrong, and she knew who she was the whole time. We’ve never really been the parents to force our kid to do things, but we’ve definitely tried to steer her towards things we thought would be best. She’s here to prove us wrong, though.

She shows us that we can meet her where she is and with whom she is, and not change a thing. She shows us that she will become who she’s supposed to be and all we need to do is be her cheerleader to get there. She’s an independent girl who will let us know when she needs help, and we will always be here to catch her. 

I can’t wait to see who she is at 12 and 15 and 18 and beyond. I’m so excited for her life to be hers and for her to be exactly who she was meant to be. 

Here’s to all the fierce girls who know who they are and won’t let the world change that!


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