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We’ve all gone through tough times at some point in our lives. When those difficult circumstances arise, they can feel overwhelming. And, a lot of times, they can also make you feel alone and discouraged. If we just had some encouragement, someone to help us through these experiences, it might make things a bit easier. 
Well, today, Columbia Mom is interviewing someone who can do just that for you; she can help you navigate those difficult times, encourage you while you go through them, and help you see the beauty in all situations. 

Introducing Brittney Smalls, Founder of The BeeautifulXperience

Tell us a little bit about you and your family.

I am a mom of two beautiful children, whom I love dearly. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and reading, for the most part. I am an author and the founder of The BeeautifulXperience.

Tell us about The Beeautifulxperience.

The BeeautifulXperience is an intangible place of growth. Where you are challenged to understand reality, find longevity in solutions, and gain tools to impact other women and girls to do the same. 
After I had my son, I dealt with postpartum depression, and at the time, I didn’t know that’s what I was dealing with. I felt everything and nothing all at once. There were waves of emotions that held me captive every single day. I became very suicidal, irresponsible, and held no accountability for my poor decisions. My life was a mix of childhood trauma and fear of people.
I experienced the bottom back then, and I told God if he’d allow me freedom, I would go back for others. And that’s how The BeeautifulXperience was born. My target audience is young adults and adult women who’ve experienced trauma and need help navigating their journey to freedom.

Tell us about your book. 

I have a 14 Day empowerment Book/Journal titled, Refined. This book is the perfect read for someone who is finding themselves again or maybe someone who feels like they’ve shifted in life and everything feels brand new. It’s an easy but intentional read!

What events are coming up with The BeeautifulXperience?

We are currently rewarding one recipient with a $500 scholarship! This is such a highlight of my life right now! As a giver, this makes me happy. I remember when I wanted to go back to school but had to make the decision not to because of funds. I want to change that narrative for someone. The application can be requested on The BeeautifulXperience website, and if anyone would like to donate to the scholarship fund, they can do that on the website as well. 

Can you leave us with some encouraging words?

Find the beauty in every experience.

Not every encounter in life will be pleasant, but over the years I’ve learned that there was always something important I needed to learn before entering my next season of life.

I believe in God, and so a lot of my challenges were met on my knees. It may have taken me a while to finally pray, but once I prayed, the Source provided every resource I needed to maintain freedom in my mind, finances, business, spirituality, and many other important facets of my life. When I plugged in to God, He provided everything I needed! I became aware of my authentic being and it allowed me to open up to receive instructions for my daily life and those who I must impact.

The fire doesn’t feel good but what you look like afterward is a beautiful experience! May your whole life prove that God is without a doubt real!

You can find out more about The BeeautifulXperience on their website and Facebook page

Moms to See in the 803 is a series highlighting local moms who are making a difference in our community or in business. Want to tell us about an inspiring mom who is doing something great? Send us an email!

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Marissa Evans
Marissa was born in Charleston, South Carolina on Sept, 27, 1986 to James Sweat and the late Tracy Graham. She is the youngest girl of six, two sisters and three brothers. She grew up in Holly Hill, and graduated from Holly Hill Roberts High. Marissa furthered her education at Midlands Technical College, receiving a certificate in Early Childhood Education in 2017 and an associate degree in Early Childhood Education in 2018. She has been married for seven years to her husband Terence Evans. Together they have three children (Jaylen, Jada and Ny’Asia Evans). Her oldest and only boy, Jaylen, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Marissa and her husband are also the founders of the movement #Dontstare which is to raise awareness to how rude staring can be.


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