Must-Try Eats & Drinks at Columbia’s Best Coffee Shops


Fifty percent of the time my gratitude list includes “I’m grateful for coffee,” or some variation of that declaration. Like many of you, it’s my lifeline. Sure, the extra caffeine jolt helps me feel like a real human being, but it’s also a morning practice that provides me comfort and calm. My husband would never dare comment on my coffee obsession or coffee spending habits … probably safest.

Two weeks ago, I found myself abusing the easy and accessible Piecewise Coffee Co. app and the subsequent grab-and-go service. I was addicted, feeling like I needed it every day. Yep, every day. So I decided to pull back. For two solid weeks now, I’ve only grabbed coffee once a week at my favorite local shop.

What did I do all the other days? Abstained from coffee, of course. Just kidding. That would have been the most horrific April Fools joke. Instead, I’ve been making coffee at home. Mushroom coffee. Healthy brain powering energy in a single-serve packet by Four Sigmatic, with a dash of oat milk, diluted with hot water.

To be clear, I’m a one cup-of-joe a day kinda-woman. I get too dehydrated for anything more, otherwise, I’d probably sip on the goodness of coffee all day long. I’m also the let’s visit every local coffee shop we can when on vacation because I love to soak in the vibes and the seasonal specials. Nothing too sweet though.

Thus, I only thought it fitting to break down my drinks of choice at the joints around town. Before anyone gets mad at me, this is not an all-inclusive list. It’s just my list. 

Piecewise Coffee Co.

Co-jo (cold brew, mocha sauce, and vanilla sweetened heavy whipping cream) with an everything bagel made by smallSUGAR. Pick the scallion cream cheese even if onions aren’t your thing. Trust.  

Azalea Coffee Bar

Hazelnut Chai Latte with a lemon blueberry muffin. Let them heat it up. Then share it with your toddler; mine loves it.  

Drip Coffee

Honey Vanilla Latte with an order of Nutella french toast, if you’re feeling indulgent it’s the way to go. If that’s too much, opt for egg, brie, and pepper jelly on a house-made biscuit.

Blūm Coffee

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Iced Latte. Enough said. Bring a book to the shop, or get your coffee to go for a stroll around the treelined streets of Shandon. 

Indah Coffee

Matcha Latte with an avocado toast (add an egg).

Curiosity Coffee Bar

Beetroot Latte, but I have it on my list to try the Baklava Latte. For something to satisfy that sweet tooth, try a brigadeiro (a traditional Brazilian dessert and ball of heavenly goodness).

Loveland Coffee

Hot Chocolate. Yep, you read that right. Get the hot chocolate, paired with kids, their outdoor dining space, and a game of Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

What you’ll find at each of these local gems is kind staff, unique design, and their own spin on how drinks are done. You just can’t go wrong.

Where is your favorite coffee shop, and what should we try next?



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