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The new school year is upon us, and that means parents are getting ready to juggle all the things that brings along with it. We’ll add carpool lines, lunches, afterschool practice, homework help, and more, to our already packed schedules. We want to be involved in the day to day happenings of our children, including how they are performing in school, where they might need a bit of extra help, what events and assignments they may have coming up, etc. But keeping all of this organized and feeling supported as parents so that we can best support our children is a challenge.

Parenting is hard. Beehive makes it easy.

So what is Beehive? It’s a comprehensive app that allows you to streamline your life while managing all things parenting. 

Here are some of the ways Beehive can make your life as a parent easier, keep you organized, and help maximize your child’s potential from pre-K to high school graduation. 

Keep Track of How Your Child is Performing in School

Why is it that keeping track of your child’s progress is so challenging? Because you log into parent portals that aren’t optimized for your phone, not an app, and not user friendly. When grades come in, you get paper copies that add to the clutter or get lost. In between report cards or parent teacher conferences, we often lack a clear and complete picture of our child’s school performance. 

How can Beehive help? Beehive is a user friendly mobile app like other consumer apps. It provides real-time information to parents, and since Beehive is an app, you can access the information any time, without needing to log in every time you want to check on how your child is performing in school. 

Maximizing Your Child’s Potential

Unless you’re an educator yourself, you may often feel overwhelmed on where to start to support your child’s education journey. You may turn to a teacher for recommendations on outside resources to support your child in an area where they need a little extra help, or you might turn to a friend or even a Google search to find those resources. Maybe your child has ended up searching YouTube for answers and support resources. These solutions aren’t ideal, and likely not customized to your child. 

With Beehive, you and your child can access impactful and engaging learning content, provided to you through the app, and tailored to your child’s interests and needs.

Staying Organized

I’ve been at this parenting thing for a while now, and I still feel like I could use some extra help staying organized. I’ve got one starting high school, and one in her last year of elementary school. Needless to say, my girls will have VERY different school days, assignments, and schedules. Keeping all of this straight on my own is tricky, and keeping two parents up to speed can make that even more challenging.

How does Beehive make this all easier? Users can easily enter events into the app as soon as they become aware of them. These events can sync to shared calendars with your spouse or partner, so everyone is on the same page. And since Beehive is a user-friendly, mobile app, you can update information anytime, anywhere from your mobile device.     

Here’s what Beehive users had to say about the app and the ways it simplified their lives…

“The event tracker, I especially enjoyed that because it keeps everything in one place and it’s not 15 different apps that we have to go through. And the layout is especially easy and you don’t have to click 15 different spots to get to one place. It’s easy, laid out, you know where you need to go, what you need to do just by looking at the main page and it walks you through everything for setup, which is even nicer.”

  • Mom of three kids (ages 8, 7, and 3) – Stay-at-home mom with kids in public school

“The Beehive app as far as keeping track of the grades for the stuff that we do at home, or providing information for other parents, like ‘Hey, we should do a group meeting’ or just being able to say ‘Hey, we worked on this today’ and being able to organize and giving them that information as well as being able to track it for my own children Beehive has made it phenomenally easier because there is not an app that I am aware of that does the same thing as Beehive does as far being able to record grades, keep track of it, and then have the plans for things that we need to work on on top of all the other stuff that it does.”

  • Homeschool Mom of two kids (ages 8 and 2) – Runs the only secular homeschool group in her area

Parenting is hard, it’s a mission-critical job, and yet it can be the most rewarding. Beehive’s founders know because they are parents too! Beehive is on a mission to reimagine what parenting can be in the 21st century. Streamline your life with one app that manages the day-to-day operations of all things parenting!

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