Parents Know Best in South Carolina Education


Have you noticed bright, yellow scarves this week? It’s not in support of a sports team – schools, organizations and individuals across the nation are gearing up to celebrate education options. 

It’s National School Choice Week.

In education, one size doesn’t fit all. What’s right for one child might not be the same for another. School Choice Week spotlights the various options that parents have.

I, personally, have homeschooled two of my kids from kindergarten to graduation. But I painfully admit homeschooling wasn’t working for my third child.When my husband and I considered the alternatives, we decided the best option for her was public school. I’m happy to say, she has adjusted well and is thriving there. 

If your child is struggling academically, it might be time to consider if a change of school would make a difference. You have options!

The goal of National School Choice Week is to shine a spotlight on the various options we have available. Here in South Carolina, parents can choose:

  • traditional public school
  • school of choice districts
  • residential school choice
  • charter school
  • magnet school
  • virtual education
  • private school
  • homeschool 

A quality education is the true equalizer that can help children from all walks of life achieve their dreams and aspirations. In the end, it goes beyond the labels of public, private, vocational, or charter school, and it is about helping our students find an educational track that best fits their needs. ~Sen. Tim Scott 

In order to find out more about the various school choice options locally available, here are three resources you need to know.

1. The South Carolina Department of Education

The South Carolina Department of Education is dedicated to ensuring all students graduate prepared for success. Personalized learning is the goal in public school options. The “Profile of a South Carolina Graduate” represents well-rounded citizens – expressed in world class knowledge, world class skills and life/career characteristics. It’s the ideal result of the public education options. The amount of personalized choice varies from district to district. You can email the Office of School Transformation at the SC Department of Education for details about what options are available for your child. Prefer to call? Contact them personally at 803-734-8845.

2. Palmetto Promise Institute

Palmetto Promise Institute believes every child in South Carolina deserves the chance for a high-quality education in order to reach their full potential. The state’s greatest resource is our children! That’s why we must transform the way we deliver education.

Palmetto Promise exists to research and promote policies that work so parents have more choices. Far too many children in South Carolina are stuck in schools that aren’t meeting their needs. Empower Opportunity Catalog (by Palmetto Promise) introduces you to real families who are writing their own success stories. You’ll find helpful links to explore the various educational options currently available in South Carolina. Parents are empowered to choose what’s best for their own child. Knowledge is power.

Want more information? Email or call them at 803-708-0673.

3. The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection

Homeschooling is a DIY education option. The SC Homeschooling Connection is your resource hub to find all things homeschooling in South Carolina. You’ll find inspiration, encouragement and empowerment to take on the weight of responsibility for your child’s education. Parents can – and do – provide excellent, individualized education for their children . . . accountability associations, support groups, homeschool record-keeping requirements, and much more.

Here’s everything you need to get started homeschooling. Feel free to stop by (and snoop a little), if you’re curious what homeschooling is all about.

Interested in learning more? Email or call them 803-348-2419.

Now, as you see those bright, yellow scarves around this week, you’ll know what it’s really about. School Choice. Individualized Education. Parents Know Best. 

Want to get your school involved next year? Click here: It’s free to sign up!

Kim Andrysczyk educational success story includes graduating from BC High school and Columbia International University. She has a BS in Elementary Education, worked as a public school teacher before staying home with her kids. Homeschool veteran, Association Director, coffee addict, sarcasm expert, and accidental blogger. Find her at The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection and on Facebook.


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