5 Tips for Meet the Teacher Night


It’s already that bittersweet time of year again. You are getting ready to ship your precious little one off to the land of crayons, recess, and homework. But first, you get to meet the lovely person with whom your child will be spending the next nine months. Some schools call it clever names like “Sneak Peek” or “Open House.” Let’s just call it what it really is, awkward.

I’ve been a teacher for four years now, and this is the one night that gets me every time. The kids are nervous about whether their friends are in their class or not. The teacher is hoping everything goes smoothly. The parents are trying to figure out if this teacher is going to be a good fit. I imagine this is what speed dating is like…

Here are some tips to help ease the “Meet the Teacher Night” awkwardness.

1. Arrive Early

There will be at least 20 other parents vying for the teacher’s attention. If you arrive right at the start of Open House, you have a better chance of catching her alone and with a fresh mind. It is almost impossible for the teacher to try to remember what you are saying when there is a line of parents behind you waiting. Also, you don’t want to be the last parent. Her short-term memory shut down at that point. Trust me.

2. Sign Up

It’s totally cool if you can’t sign up to be room mom or have a recurring role on field trip day, but at least sign up for the email/text/Facebook list. This keeps you in the loop regarding what’s going on in class, what the kids have coming up, and cool things going on around the school.

3. Be Nice

I get it. Your sister’s friend’s son was in my class last year and you heard that I eat children for lunch. I promise you that just like at your job, gossip is most of the time just gossip. Please be nice to your child’s teacher. While I will admit there are always a few bad apples, most of us really do love children and only want to see your child thrive! Give us a chance. You might find that we prefer chicken salad and crackers for lunch.

4. Send a Note

If I could sing this from the rooftops, your windows would be cracking right now. Please remember that we met with at least 20 other parents on Sneak Peek Night. I really try my best to jot down what parents say and put it into action, but it doesn’t always happen. During the first week of school, please send us a note or email with the information we discussed that night. It is super helpful and ensures your child’s needs will be met quickly and appropriately.

5. Tour the School

This is your opportunity to run through the halls like a 1980s classic movie. Please don’t do that. However, please take this opportunity to get to know the facilities. This can be very helpful information later on for conferences, classroom observations, awards ceremonies, etc. Plus, I’m sure your child would love to show you where they go to art, P.E., and lunch! This is their home for seven hours a day during the school year. Let them see your interest!

I know parents, teachers, and kids all over the country are preparing to return to school for a great year! If no one else has told you this, we are excited to see their faces on the first day and even more excited to watch them grow over the next year!

What tips would you add to the list?

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Lacie Hooks
Lacie is a true God-fearing Southern woman. She appreciates small town living. As an alumni of the University of South Carolina and Columbia College, she believes in the absolute power of education. Lacie works as an elementary school teacher. She received her Masters of Education from Columbia College in 2017. Lacie married a true Southern gentleman. They met in 2010 and married in 2014. Their family grew in 2015 with the birth of their only biological son, Gatlin. The family of three lived happily until 2017. The Lord decided then that the family should open their home to those in need as foster parents. The home is ready to receive those blessings now. In her spare time, Lacie enjoys reading so much so that Gatlin would have been named after the wonderful Harper Lee if he had been a girl. Prison documentaries are a vice that her husband does not understand. Finally, Lacie enjoys spending time with her five siblings and their amazing children


  1. As a teacher of 12 years I agree with these. I would add not to spend more than 15 minutes in a deep conversation with the teacher. Her time is limited that night and she still has a thousand things to do before your precious child arrives in her care in just a few days. If you really want her time to discuss the intricacies of how your child learns and behaves, please schedule a conference with her after the first week of school. This gives her time to learn your child’s name and put a face with it. Also, please fill out the Get to Know You sheets we send home. I honestly use them all the time. The more details the better. I know it’s time consuming but it will help me have a better idea how to help your angel when something arises. We cherish parents and all the support they give. It truly is a beautiful job to teach a child each year, but it also one filled with great responsibility. We need the WHOLE village helping us to get it right. Thank you and have a blessed day!


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