8 Ways for Your Family to Practice Gratitude All Year Long


One of my parenting goals is to raise grateful children. My daughters are fortunate to know many special people and be blessed with privileges, gifts, and abilities. My hope is that they come to not only appreciate all that they have but that they also learn to express their gratitude toward others.

Although the holiday season is an excellent time to give thanks, we have discovered several fun, meaningful ways to teach our children gratitude throughout the entire year. Some of these ideas might be used more frequently than others, but they all work together to build kind, humble hearts. 

1. Gratitude Jar

When something positive happens, write it on a slip of paper and drop it in a jar. It can be anything from a promotion at work to making a new friend. At the end of each week or month, go through the jar together and celebrate all of your small wins.

2. Mindful Walk

South Carolina has 47 beautiful state parks, meaning plenty of opportunities to venture outside with your loved ones. Breathe in fresh air and bring attention to all that nature creates and provides for us.

3. Donate

A few times a year, I help my children sort through the clothes, books, and toys they no longer use. We usually offer the items that are in good condition to our community through the Buy Nothing Project. We take this time to discuss how those items served us well, and that they can now benefit other children.

4. Thank You Messages

Now that I’m older, I understand why my mom always made me write thank you cards. When someone has spent their time, effort, or money on you, a personal note of appreciation can go a long way. With my children, I make sure they either write a card or create a custom video when they want to say thanks.

5. Leave Glowing Reviews

When we have a positive experience with a business, office, or store, we like to brag about what we enjoyed. This can be especially helpful for new or small companies who rely on word of mouth to grow. I occasionally write reviews on Google and Yelp, but my preferred method is tagging them in a social media post that I’ve shared with my friends.

6. Learn Thank You in Different Languages

Gracias, merci, arigatō! We are fortunate to live in a diverse country and people appreciate when you make an effort to embrace their culture. There’s an Asian market we frequent and my husband has inspired me by learning a handful of basic Vietnamese phrases to show reverence to the shop owners. 

7. Slide Shows

One of my favorite activities is deep-diving through old pictures on my phone. It’s a sweet way to remember the fun moments, reflect on everyone’s growth, and see how we’ve surmounted our struggles over the years.

8. Alphabet Game

Starting with the letter A, take turns listing one thing you’re thankful for per letter. It’s hard to be anything but grateful when you pause and analyze all that you have.

How do you practice gratitude with your family?

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Tasheena Ticer
Tasheena is a California native who moved to Columbia in 2018. She married her college sweetheart in 2013 and they’re raising two strong-minded daughters, ages seven and five. Tasheena has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education with a minor degree in Child and Family Science. After working as a kindergarten teacher, she transitioned to life as a stay-at-home mom when her second daughter was born. When she isn’t compulsively decluttering and obsessively meal planning, Tasheena enjoys yoga, reading, living room dance parties, and creating content about motherhood on her blog, TheCinnamonMom.com. She is passionate about helping moms spend meaningful time with family, raise empathetic children, and live more mindfully.


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