A Letter to My Middle Child


Sometimes it’s hard to be sandwiched in between two siblings who both require a lot of time and attention in completely different ways.

The oldest needing to be out the door at the crack of dawn in order to get to school on time. Then after school it’s spelling words, reading practice, and dance. Her sweet and sassy self always keeping us on our toes.

The baby requires so much of me from pumping around the clock, scrubbing bottles, physical therapy appointments, and endless laundry. He is happiest when being held and hates to be put down even if it’s just for a few short minutes.

But, you, my sweet boy – my middle child – enjoy the simple things in life and require so little to be truly happy…

Thank you for running into my room with a big smile, hands full of dinosaurs asking me to play with you, because the chores can wait.

Thank you for eating anything and everything I put on your plate even if it’s green and looks like a tree.

Thank you for loving our outings to the grocery store just as much as our outings to the toy store.

Thank you for picking me beautiful flowers and weeds on every walk we take.

Thank you for telling me I’m “the best cooker ever” when I make you boxed mac n’ cheese.

Thank you for never throwing a tantrum when your sister gets to go somewhere and you have to stay home with me.

Thank you for accompanying me to every doctor’s appointment for your baby brother and never complaining about all the waiting.

Thank you for drawing me unique works of art and presenting them to me with such pride, even if you do call them scribble scrabble.

Thank you for entertaining yourself with match box cars and action figures while I pump and feed your brother.

Thank you for loving me like you do, even on the hard days, and telling me I’m beautiful, even if I haven’t showered in three days.

You my son are something special and our family is better off because of you!

Do you have a middle child? What would you include in a letter to them?


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