A Tribute to the Moms Who Can’t Be With Us on Mother’s Day


In February of 2009, my siblings and I lost our mother. Without her, our lives have definitely changed. And although they say time heals all wounds, visiting her grave seems to get harder and harder as the years go by. Never did I ever imagine I would be living in this world without her, but here we are twelve years later and I’m still trying to learn how to do just that. 

Nothing is the same anymore, especially holidays. Mother’s Day without the woman who gave you life holds quite a different meaning. It’s even hard to celebrate myself on that day. 

It can be especially difficult watching others enjoy their mothers, but I’m no longer able to. I try to enjoy the day as a mother myself but I always think about what we would be doing if my mom was here. I’m sure we would be outside grilling and celebrating her as she watched her grandchildren play. She was really big on being a grandma.

My mother taught me so much, and I know I wouldn’t be the mother I am today if she wasn’t the mother she was to me.

Today, we at Columbia Mom would like to pay tribute to all the moms out there who are no longer here; all the wonderful women who raised us to be who we are today. The loving grandmothers to our children who loved them just as much as she loved us. So we will be sharing with you stories of our moms from some of our contributors and some of our readers. 

Here are our stories and tributes to our mothers who will always be loved and never forgotten.

Our mother taught us how to enjoy life not with things but with one another. She taught us right from wrong and always said that if we go down the wrong road it wouldn’t be because of her but because that’s the path we choose. She knew she raised us right. She loved not only us but every child that came around whether it was the children in the neighborhood, family, or our friends. She taught us that love doesn’t cost anything because the time you give is more important than the amount of money you could spend. We love and we miss you, Momma. Happy Mother’s Day.                                

Love all your children Terrill, Tehron, Jenese, Portia, Marissa and Trenton 

One of my mom’s regrets was that she didn’t spend enough of her money on fun things. She was a smart saver, but I can also hear her say, “Why not? You’re worth it.”    

Melanie McGhee 

This August will be five years since my mom passed away unexpectedly. This is the last picture I ever took of her. She was holding my youngest baby. She passed away three months later. I never got to say goodbye. My mom was an amazing woman. She studied for many years of my childhood and became a Registered Nurse (RN) then an APRNS. I remember seeing her up at night just studying so hard. She made her dream come true. Then later in life, after we moved out, things took a bad turn and she began suffering from bipolar disorder. She lived near her mom from that point on, a couple of hours away from us. She couldn’t work anymore and spent much of her last years just staying at home with her dogs all the time. I was always so busy that I hardly ever went to visit and didn’t call nearly as much as I needed to. Every time she would call me, she would ask me to call her sometime. I will always regret not spending more time with her or calling her as I should have. I didn’t get to say I was sorry, and I didn’t get to say goodbye. She had a heart of gold and she deserved so much better from me. I love her and miss her so much.

Brooke Moore

My mother was a loving mom and grandmother, and a very passionate advocate for animals, children, the environment, and many other groups with which she was involved. She loved to travel and was very friendly and outgoing. She is missed greatly by her friends and family.             

Elizabeth Brown

Kanesha Thomas momHappy Mother’s Day Mom!! Gone, but never forgotten!!!       

Kanesha Thomas

My momma was, and always will be, the strongest woman I know. I watched her work hard to provide for us and give us the things we needed. This will be my first Mother’s Day without her, and I’m still trying to figure out how to live this thing called life without her around. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you Momma, and Happy Mothers Day. 

Terence Evans

How do you pay tribute to your mom on Mother’s Day?

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Marissa Evans
Marissa was born in Charleston, South Carolina on Sept, 27, 1986 to James Sweat and the late Tracy Graham. She is the youngest girl of six, two sisters and three brothers. She grew up in Holly Hill, and graduated from Holly Hill Roberts High. Marissa furthered her education at Midlands Technical College, receiving a certificate in Early Childhood Education in 2017 and an associate degree in Early Childhood Education in 2018. She has been married for seven years to her husband Terence Evans. Together they have three children (Jaylen, Jada and Ny’Asia Evans). Her oldest and only boy, Jaylen, has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and autism. Marissa and her husband are also the founders of the movement #Dontstare which is to raise awareness to how rude staring can be.


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