Sarah Shuster

Sarah Shuster
Sarah grew up in Lancaster, SC but has called Columbia home for nearly 10 years since her undergrad days at Presbyterian College. Columbia holds a special place in her heart, as it’s where she got her first “grown up” job, obtained her Masters of Library and Information Science degree from USC, and met her husband, Todd. She became a mother for the first time three years ago to Todd’s two sweet daughters, and loves watching them grow into unique and interesting young ladies (12 & 14) who inspire her daily. She is also experiencing life with an infant for the first time with their newest family member, a silly, happy 6-month-old baby boy. Sarah is a full time children’s librarian, and loves that her passion and her career have aligned to form dreamy days of sharing her love of literacy and learning with children and families. Sarah enjoys practicing her cake decorating skills, reading, brunch, ridiculously long showers (a luxury now with an infant), working out, good coffee and perfecting the art of crockpot cooking.

Finding the Right Childcare Center

As soon as I began announcing that I was expecting, one of the first statements I heard after, "Congratulations!" was, "You better start looking for a daycare." I had no idea that some daycares have...
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Last fall, I had the chance to pretend to be a rock star for a night. Feeling the need to do something daring and out of character, and knowing getting bangs was NOT the...
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Thank You, Next

Every few months I latch onto some Top 40 song that I become obsessed with even though it isn't at all relevant to my current life. I haven't gone through a break-up in about a...

5 Children’s Books About All Kinds of Families

As my child reaches the age of "why" and "how" and all the other questions about everything he sees, we are having the most interesting conversations. His perception is surprising at times, and I'm...

Mommy Cried :: When Grownups Have Big Feelings

"Mommy cried," my 3-year-old tells my husband as soon as he gets home. He’s always telling on us to each other, so I knew it would come up. "Mommy cried" is the most simple explanation...
The Customer is Always Right :: Toddler Edition | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Customer is Always Right :: Toddler Edition

I work in public service and part of doing my job well is to maintain my professionalism and calm even in the midst of challenging situations. As with anyone who lives and breathes in the...
What Teens Are Doing Right On Social Media | Columbia SC Moms Blog

What Teens Are Doing Right On Social Media

It is so difficult to be on social media and be a teen in the world today. The pressure to find just the right picture to post, to make sure nobody else posts something...
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Confidence Looks Good On You

I bet you have had a week, or weeks, that are bleak. It seems like the world is crashing in, and when nothing else can go wrong … BOOM. It does. When it rains,...

A Letter to (my) Teen Daughters

Dear daughters, I know you are no longer little girls with multiple ponytails and barrettes and carrying around your "lovey."  But that is often what I still see. Glimpses of those little babies, but also so much...
Parenting Like My Parents | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Parenting Like My Parents

You know how your parents always used to say, “You’ll thank me when you’re older?” And it was usually right before or after they did something annoying, like lay down some silly rule about...
8 Ways to Take Control of Stress | Columbia SC Moms Blog

8 Ways to Take Control of Stress

I had a very exciting 2017. New job, new commute, new schedules, and new stuff to learn and do. It was super awesome. It was also super stressful. Can I remind all you readers that...
Terrible, Terrific Twos | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Terrible, Terrific Twos

Terrible Twos. I've been dreading the moment when we would reach that time of inconsolable whining and unreasonable demands. The time everyone warned me about when mothering would consist of mostly just trying not...

Sorry, Not Sorry

Have you heard Demi Lovato's new revenge anthem, Sorry, Not Sorry? It is amazing, and although it has no applicability to my life, I can't stop listening to it. And I thought I should...

What Disney Movies Are Really About

Disney movies used to be my jam. When I was young, we owned every Disney movie, watched each one about 1,000 times, and even though my college years, it wasn't unusual to find me...