Honoring Your Child After Loss


October is a month full of awareness. You may have heard of numerous groups supporting a specific cause over the month such as breast cancer, lupus, chiropractic health, dental hygiene, domestic violence and so on.

Another important topic we raise awareness to during October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss. As a loss mom, I understand how important it is to remember my child and I know how special it is when others remember her too.

Each year, my family and I celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a special cake, candle, and family time. We remember her at family gatherings, holidays, and other special family times. I know that other families like ours often remember their children in special ways but also know that parents new to the “loss” community may often feel alone in their journey and confused about what other families do to celebrate their children.

For parents who have lost a pregnancy, miscarried, lost a baby or child, there are so many ways to remember your child. Over the years, I’ve discovered so many special ways to honor my daughter’s memory.

  • Hold a balloon release
  • Volunteer for a special project or cause in memory of your child
  • Butterfly release
  • Register a star
  • Remember and celebrate special dates (birth dates, anniversaries)
  • Donate supplies to a local hospital
  • Wear a special piece of jewelry
  • Plant a memory garden

For families who have lost a child, one month is hardly enough time to spend remembering and raising awareness for our children. It’s important to honor and remember our children on a regular basis, regardless of whether we are fortunate enough to have them here or not.

Have you lost a child? What special things do you do to honor their memory?

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Natalie Welanetz
A South Carolina native, Natalie has recently moved back to Columbia after several years of living in various states across the country while her husband served the United States Navy. Now that she and her husband have settled down, they are beginning the process to adopt a child of their own. She and he husband, suffered the loss of a child and due to complications are unable to have children of their own. While living in Washington state, Natalie became interested in helping families going through the loss of a child and became certified as a doula and today she runs her nonprofit organization, Healing Grace Childbirth Services, supporting families affected by pregnancy and infant loss. She is also active with the Stillbirthday program, acting as a Student lead and representative for the state of South Carolina. Natalie holds a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration and is a few months away from completing her MBA. In her free time, Natalie enjoys cooking, refinishing old furniture, spending time with her puppies and, in the fall, tailgating for the Gamecocks. She blogs about her journey towards adoption on her personal blog, Project: Build Our Family.


  1. I lost one of my seven kids in May 2016 .He was my youngest . We have made necklaces , shirts , car decals, we.decorate the crash site , and the grave site with many items and flowers. We talk about him alot
    He had aeveral neices and nephews that go to grave with their parents. They help also and friends do alsom we have a water proof container with a notebook for people to write in an tell stories of being with my son etc. We did fireworks and balloons release on the 4th of july. My kids made me an empty chair decoration out of wood that i will use forever. We also started a scholarship fund in his name . And i have sponsored kids for christmas in his name also and i will every year from now on. I try to keep his name alive i dont want him forgot .


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