The Power of Holiday Traditions: Creating Magic and Memories with “Goodness of Glitter”

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I have always loved the magic and joy surrounding all holidays. The way the world seems to transform, even for just a moment, into a place filled with wonder and excitement. But there’s one holiday that has always held a special place in my heart, and that’s Christmas. The memories of celebrating this cherished holiday with my son, Grayer, when he was younger, are etched in my heart forever.

There’s something truly enchanting about witnessing a child’s excitement, anticipation, and pure joy during the Christmas season. As a mother, those moments with Grayer were some of the most precious I’ve ever experienced. And it was during those early years of his childhood that I decided to create something special, something that would make the Christmas season even more magical for him the character Glitter.

Glitter is a spirited pixie who visits Grayer every night from November 30 to Christmas. She leaves behind a little token for him to find upon waking, a small gesture of love and enchantment. Sometimes they are small treasures, toys or treats, but frequently it is a sweet note praising him for a kind act. The tradition of Glitter has become a cornerstone of our holiday celebrations, and it blossomed over the years into something truly remarkable.

We exchange love notes with Glitter, leave each other tiny trinkets, and carry out acts of kindness in her name. Our home is transformed into a magical land of wonder and generosity, all in the name of this beloved pixie. It is a tradition that fills our hearts with warmth and our holiday home with boundless love.

As the years passed, Grayer and I continued to treasure our tradition of Glitter. But as he prepared to embark on his college journey at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, something remarkable happened. Grayer stumbled upon a note that he had written to Glitter when he was just a young child. As he read it, a lump formed in his throat, and he turned to me with tearful eyes.

He told me that our tradition of Glitter is one of the best memories from his childhood, something he will always cherish and carry on in his own way. It was at that moment that I realized the profound impact of family traditions and the importance of passing them on from one generation to the next. Grayer’s encouragement and our shared love for Glitter inspired me to take a bold step.

I decided to share a part of our beloved tradition with others, to spread the magic and joy of Glitter to children everywhere. It was this spark of inspiration that led me to write a book about our tradition, a book that allows other families to welcome Glitter into their homes during the holiday season. And so, Goodness of Glitter was born.


Glitter Artwork


But Goodness of Glitter is not just a book; it’s an opportunity to create a world of wonderment, to foster imagination through acts of kindness, and to make unforgettable memories with your child. Every page of the book is filled with the spirit of Glitter, and it’s an invitation to embark on a journey of love, giving, and enchantment.

To make this tradition even more special, we’ve crafted a coordinating heirloom-quality calendar in small batches in Asheville, North Carolina. It was essential to us that every element of this book and tradition be unique and crafted to withstand generations of enjoyment. We want Goodness of Glitter to be a part of your family’s holiday traditions for years to come.

I invite you to welcome Glitter into your home this holiday season. It’s a chance to create lasting memories, to kindle the flames of imagination in your child, and to experience the magic of the holiday season in a whole new way. Goodness of Glitter can be purchased online at

Additionally, if you’re in the Columbia, South Carolina area, I would love for you to join me on November 4th and 5th at the 2023 Midland Christmas Arts & Crafts Market. It’s an opportunity to see the beautiful book, discover the magic of Glitter in person, and bring this cherished tradition into your home. Id love to sign your book!

Family traditions hold a unique power. They create bonds, memories, and a sense of belonging that can last a lifetime. Goodness of Glitter is a testament to the magic of holiday traditions, and it’s a gift you can share with your child, creating moments that will be cherished for generations. I hope you’ll embrace the wonder of Glitter and let the holiday magic fill your hearts and homes this season.

About the Author:

Tatum Tennille Parmer is a mother who has experienced every stage of parenthood, from sleepless nights of infancy to the bittersweet moment of a child leaving the nest. Through it all, she has come to understand the importance of childhood traditions and the magical time of being a mother. Her book, “Goodness of Glitter,” is a testament to that understanding. Tatum enjoys traveling, reading, and finding beauty in each day, and she hopes to share the joy and wonder of Glitter with families everywhere.


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