6 Reasons Why You and Your Spouse Should Never Stop Dating


You have heard many times that date nights are essential for relationships. Yet you probably still don’t have one that often. With the exhaustion of work, kids, and to-do lists, there’s very little time or energy to plan something other than the same ‘ol routine. 

If you and your spouse are one of the couples who haven’t embraced spending regular time together, here are a few reasons why date night is essential.

1. Dating Promotes Healthy Communication

Communication is the key to maintaining any relationship. Dates bring out the special something that’s missing in the relationship and helps us communicate feelings that we don’t want to brush by and would rather discuss. Busy or not, dates are important in relationships to allow us to discuss something that is happening and/or how we are feeling.

2. Dating Brings New Energy to Your Relationship

The most obvious reason for making a date night is because it’s the first step to getting out of the everyday routine. Spending alone time with your spouse is the perfect way to energize your marriage. It’s playing together, sharing laughs, having fun, and creating new memories, which goes hand in hand with increasing the energy and happiness in your marriage.

3. Dating Provides Time to Connect

Removing the distractions of your everyday routine, such as emails coming in or family members requiring attention, allows you to relax and focus on each other. Concentrating on each other brings a deeper connection with your spouse. Plan for quality conversations with uninterrupted hours to talk and connect. 

4. Dating Builds a Strong Foundation

Making date nights a priority where you focus on one another and nurture your relationship, reinforces your commitment. You can’t expect to feel connected to your spouse when challenges arise if you haven’t laid the groundwork to equip you to face difficulties. When you face trials in your jobs, with your children, or even amongst yourselves, you can lean on the foundation you have built.

5. Dating Sets An Example for Your Children 

Choosing to care for your marriage is a positive example for your children. Kids learn by example, so seeing their mom and dad make dating a priority, even though they’re married and see each other all the time, teaches them that they should prioritize their relationships too. Allowing your children to see a healthy relationship firsthand is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

6. Dating Increases Your Level of Understanding for Each other

Sometimes, we understand our partners less due to a lack of communication or spending time together. Lack of understanding widens the gap between a couple. Dates are important in a relationship because they give us time to plan special moments and quality time together in to understand our partners better.

The benefits of having fun together as a couple are immense. And these benefits greatly outweigh an over-scheduled calendar, taking your spouse or marriage for granted, or prioritizing someone or something else above your relationship. 

Now that we have the importance of date night handled, check my post next month for some ideas on Columbia date night hot spots!

Do you make time for date nights with your significant other? How have they affected your relationship?

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Angie Taylor
Angie is a stepmother, pet mom, grandmother, and caregiver for her loving mother. She and her husband Marvin moved from Maryland to Columbia in 2020. She is a graduate of Talladega College (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration) and Troy State University (Master of Business Administration). Working as a Senior Advisor with the Department of the Treasury, she’s grateful to have a career that allows her the flexibility to both work from home and in the office. She is a certified intermittent fasting and health coach who has a passion to inspire women and men to live their healthiest self. She is the founder of Commit 2B Healthy where she has spent years providing private nutrition counseling and group coaching programs. Beyond her private nutrition counseling and group coaching programs, she is a brand ambassador with Ultima Replenisher and a content creator with Shop Style Collective, the world’s largest fashion search engine. Angie enjoys cycling, reading, and self-care. Her latest passion is meditation, which she uses to unwind at the end of the day. She is eager to explore the city and share the experiences with the Columbia Mom community.


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