St. Patrick’s Day Crafts :: A Little Bit of Luck and a Pot of Gold!


The weather is warming up and the rain continues to fall! So what to do with a rainy day and a busy toddler, plus a newborn? Craft time! With a little bit of luck you can create your own pot of gold – three toddler approved crafts and one for those newborn toes too! These are perfect St. Patrick’s Day crafts! 

Pot of Gold 

Supplies: Paper, markers or crayons, and finger paint

  • Step 1: When the kids are in bed, cut out your own pot of gold with black construction paper or draw your own with markers or crayons. 
  • Step 2: Put yellow finger paint on a paper plate. 
  • Step 3: Prepare toddler for finger painting! Model how to dip your fingers in the paint to create the gold for your pot. 
  • Step 4: Have toddler add as many gold coins to the pot as they wish! 
  • Step 5: After paint drys add a rainbow with your crayons or markers. 

Gold Slime Sensory Activity

Supplies: Slime activator, gold glitter glue

  • Step 1: Mix entire bottle of gold glitter glue with 1/3 cup of slime activator 
  • Step 2: Add various items to slime and let your toddler get busy! 

(The slime was even better the following day after it has settled!) 

St. Patrick's Day Crafts :: A Little Bit of Luck and a Pot of Gold!

Handprint (or footprint!) Shamrock 

Supplies: Paper, markers or crayons, and finger paint

  • Step 1: Paint one infant foot green and place in the middle of a piece of paper
  • Step 2: Continue step one until you have four footprints to create a 4 leaf shamrock!

Which St. Patrick’s Day crafts are your favorite?


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