Rebekah Hiatt

Rebekah Hiatt
Rebekah is a native of Utah. She and her husband met and married while they were graduate students at Brigham Young University. They moved to Columbia in 2016 when her husband accepted a job as a professor. They have two boys, ages 4 and 0. Rebekah is an attorney and children's author. Her first book, A Book of Bible Opposites, was published this year.

Escape Rooms in Columbia, SC

Escape rooms are great for group dates or, if you have older kids, you can go as a family. An escape room consists of being locked in a room (or series of rooms) and...
When the Snow Never Arrives :: Easy DIY Play Snow Recipes | Columbia SC Moms Blog

When the Snow Never Arrives :: 5 Easy DIY Play Snow Recipes

Living in Columbia, the chances of your kids finding enough snow to play with are low. We were so excited to hear that a "snowstorm" was coming. Then we were quickly disappointed when we...

Craft With Me :: Sock Snowmen

Although we don't get much snow in South Carolina, your kids can still have fun making snowmen! This is a craft you can do in bulk or you can do using a sock you...

5 Small Ways to Increase Your Gratitude

According to Forbes, research shows that gratitude can improve your physical and psychological health, help you sleep better, enhance empathy and reduce aggression, and improves self-esteem. Earlier this year, I listened to the audiobook, Gratitude...

4 Must-Listen Audiobooks for Moms

  Thanks to the Richland County Library, I've been listening to parenting audiobooks for free! The great thing about audiobooks is that you are hands free and can multitask while you listen. Richland Library has three...

Scavenger Hunt Date Ideas in Columbia

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? One of my favorite memories was a group date scavenger hunt I did with a bunch of friends back in college. We each raced to take...

Breastfeeding Supplies That Made My Journey Easier

I know what you're thinking - breastfeeding is natural! Who needs any supplies? The whole point is that you can breastfeed with just your boobs and your baby. Although this is true, there are...

Pumping and Traveling

In my pumping journey, I have had the opportunity to pump in various locations, including in the car, on an airplane, and at the airport. I usually travel with my baby, who drinks everything I...
Preparing to Have a Baby While in College | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Gift Ideas for a Graduating Mom

May is a month where many moms who have been pursuing their education finally reap the rewards at graduation! Being a mom and attending school is hard, and these moms need to be recognized...

Exploring the New Richland Library Southeast

After nearly 18 months of construction, Richland Library is reopening the doors to its Southeast location on Friday, April 12. The roughly 19,000 square-foot structure, located at 7421 Garners Ferry Road, offers customers enhanced...

6 Places to Get Children’s Books for Cheap

I love children's books! The closest library branch to us has been closed for over a year, and it's been hard to make time to go to other branches as often as I would...

Our Non-Traditional Valentine’s Day

Before we were married, my husband lived in Korea for three years and loved it. Consequently, we have added Korean cuisine and some Korean customs to our home. One Korean custom we've adopted is...
The Perks of Pumping | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Perks of Pumping

One of the great things about this blog is that you get to hear different stories and perspectives that can inspire you to make changes in your life. After I had my second son,...
The Day Our Son Had a Febrile Seizure | Columbia SC Moms Blog

The Day Our Son Had a Febrile Seizure

It started with a fever. Our three year old woke up from his nap, cranky and hot. He had been unusually tired that day, but our thermometer readings of his temperature varied from normal...