Gift Ideas for a Graduating Mom


    May is a month where many moms who have been pursuing their education finally reap the rewards at graduation! Being a mom and attending school is hard, and these moms need to be recognized for their accomplishments. Whether it’s receiving their high school diploma, a tech certification, or a graduate degree, moms who go to school have to make a lot of sacrifices. So to celebrate their achievements, here are some gift ideas for the graduating mom in your life: 

    A Leather Tote

    Moms are used to hauling around diaper bags, so why not give her an upgrade with a leather tote that she can bring to a new job or interview? 


    Preferably something that Mom could wear to graduation that represents how hard she worked as a mother and student. I personally liked this Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace or this Messy Nest Necklace with pearls for each of the mother’s children. 

    A Mini Photo Session

    Some moms may not be able to get the traditional “graduation” photos we all think of because of their family obligations. So why not gift them a mini photo session with their family? 


    A bouquet is always appreciated! If the mom is the gardening type you could give her some flowers to plant.

    Chocolates or Treats ONLY MOM can Eat

    Disguise this gift so her kids don’t know and she doesn’t have to share. Or, print of this list of Foolproof Places to Hide Your Candy Stash and include it with your gift. 

    A Night Out

    Give the mom a gift card to her favorite store/restaurant AND pay for a babysitter to watch her kids (or you could watch her kids). 

    Are you a graduating mom? What gifts would you like to receive? 


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