Breastfeeding Supplies That Made My Journey Easier


I know what you’re thinking – breastfeeding is natural! Who needs any supplies? The whole point is that you can breastfeed with just your boobs and your baby. Although this is true, there are some breastfeeding products that can help make your journey more comfortable. 

1. Breast Pads

If you are lucky enough to not have leaky boobs, congratulations!! I am not that lucky and therefore have been very grateful to use both cloth and disposable breast pads while nursing both of my boys. This has saved me from countless embarrassing moments where my letdown could have resulted in two wet circles on my shirt.

I highly recommend getting the cloth kind from They are always running discounts on their products. I would recommend visiting their site a couple of times, and within a few days you’ll probably get a targeted ad on Facebook for a free set of 10 breast pads–just pay shipping! This has worked for me several times. 😉

2. The Haakaa

Did you know that when you breastfeed your baby, milk comes out of both boobs? And since your baby’s mouth is only covering one nipple, you end up leaking out of the other one until it gets the memo to wait. The Haakaa is a one-size-fits-all “breast pump” that you attach the unused boob and it catches all of the leaked breastmilk. This was a game-changer with my second baby. The Haakaa just latches and that’s it–no compressions or sucking. It’s very comfortable to wear. 

3. Nipple Ointment

Your nipples will be tender when you first start breastfeeding. Even after nine months, mine still get itchy and need to be moisturized. While you can always air dry or use a little bit of breastmilk to solve this issue, I highly recommend having nipple ointment on hand. Every woman is different in what ointment works for her, but I’ve used lanolin cream and boob-ease

4. Milk Storage Bags

Even if you don’t end up pumping during your breastfeeding journey, if you used the Haakaa, you will have extra milk to store. I highly recommend using milk storage bags, as they are less bulky and can be easily defrosted. I like the Lansinoh brand since they have a double zipper close and therefore leak less. 

Products I Didn’t Really Need:

  1. Nursing shirts/dresses. You can find plenty of normal shirts and dresses that are nursing-friendly and much cheaper.
  2. A nursing cover. Again, you can get creative if you want to stay covered. Also, babies hate covers. They get in the way and hot. 
  3. Milk-boosting products. I’ve experienced and heard mixed reviews from milk-boosting products. Some can really work and others backfire. The best advice I can give it to stay hydrated and eat healthy.

What breastfeeding supplies are your must-haves? What ones could you do without?


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