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Boss Mom :: Thrifted Sisters Vintage | Columbia SC Moms BlogI love meeting Boss Moms: women who seem to do it all with moxie and grace. Sharon Young, owner of local vintage clothing wonderland Thrifted Sisters, is one such dynamic mother. We met when my love of unique duds brought me to one of her pop-up shops, where I fell in love with the fun and fabulously curated goods offered. Sharon radiates friendliness and fun; when you meet her, you instantly want to be her friend. She’s a wife, a mother of two, and a small-business owner all rolled into one beautiful, funky package. We recently sat down for coffee to chat about her passions, her family, and how she juggles it all.

Our Chat

“My family is the best,” Sharon says. “I have been married to a really hunky man, Joey, for 14 years now. We have two kids, a brainy and kind ten year old named Madeline, and an intuitive and funny 7 year old, Cannon. During the week we are doing the hustle just like everyone else, making sure one of us remembers to get the kids, puts the veggies on the plates, signs the folders, etc. You’ll find Madeline and I reading together every night, (Harry Potter at the moment), us all going to Cannon’s baseball games, and on the weekends, we try to fit in some kind of adventure. Lots of visiting family, movie watching, nature hiking … those kinds of things.”

What inspired you to start this business?

“A couple of things. We, (my sister-in-law and I), were already doing the thrifting. We would hear from a lot of people ‘Hey! Find me this or that’ or ‘Where did you get it and where can I get one?’ It seemed only fair to give the people what they wanted. Also, I wanted a way I could do some work that was creative and fun, but also flexible enough to be home with the kids.”

So where did the catchy name come from?

“Actually, I texted a good friend of mine and told her what I was up to, and she said ‘You should name it Thrifted Sisters!’ It was a YES as soon I heard it. Thrifted Sisters started with my sister-in-law and me. It’s just me now, but the name is here to stay. Plus, Thrifted Sisters wouldn’t be what it is today without her. Hi, Jeanette!”

What’s it like to be a mom and small business owner?

“I got into doing this partly because of my kids, and I am so thankful that I get to go on the field trips and love on them when they’re sick. The lines get really blurry when I need to put down the pretty skirt and pick up the mom duties because I don’t have set hours for either. The vintage laundry gets thrown in with the kids’ laundry, the living room is littered with toys and baskets of boho home goods, and my son frequently asks why he has dresses hanging in his closet. I’m still learning everyday, but mostly it’s wonderful and sometimes it’s not.”

What’s your favorite part of owning your own business?

“Two things: First, the people! I really love the people. Every time I get to meet a new client, send vintage to a good home, or chat with another small business owner, it gives me so much energy! Being the owner and only employee means that I get to talk to everyone directly and I love that. Second, I get to be in charge. It’s my job to be the boss and do whatever I want! I get to decide every day what’s best without running it by anyone else. That’s pretty sweet.” 

What would you tell another mom who is struggling to find balance in her life?

“Well, if you look at what kind of balance I personally have, it’ll look a lot like I’m a skinny kid on a see-saw with a big guy on the other end. Just dangling way up high until something gives and the big dude lets me down for a bit. But I always seem come back down somehow. I still put sprinkles in my kids pancakes on Saturdays, or I find some killer things for the shop and I actually photograph them and list them quickly. Through it all, my main goal is to love well, learn better for next time, and stay really really grateful. All of this is such a gift.”

So where can you find Thrifted Sisters? The shop primarily runs on Instagram, so you can hunt for fabulous vintage gems from the comfort of your couch! Sharon has a booth at Re Find, and you can find her around town hosting pop-up shops, at Soda City Market from time to time, and at local events such as the Indie South Fair. Be sure to follow Thrifted Sisters on Instagram to keep up and shop for goodies! 



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