Columbia Mom FAVORITES: 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now


I’m in a season of life where things are busy and stressful. Both of my boys are involved in sports and other after school activities, we have church functions, and I’m about to start rehearsals for my school play. Our weeks are jammed packed with back-to-back activities.

It’s at times like these that I tend to gravitate towards items that help me relax and that make my life a bit easier. Here are five items I’m loving right now that are helping me stay calm while steering through a sea of storms. 

1. Dashing Diva gloss Nail Polish

I love having my nails painted, but it can be difficult to find the time to sit and paint them myself. And forget having the time to go to a salon. That just doesn’t happen. But I recently discovered this Dashing Diva gloss nail polish. They are essentially nail polish stickers and are super easy to use and fast to apply. These make life so much easier for me because they are a huge time saver! Dashing Diva has a variety of colors and patterns for sale. I bought mine at Walmart, but you can also find them on Amazon.

2. Sunrise Artisan Bath and Body Sugar Scrub

One thing that helps me relax and puts me in a better mood is a good sugar scrub. My favorite sugar scrubs are from a local Columbia bath and body shop in Five Points; Sunrise Artisan Bath and Body. The sugar scrubs from Sunrise give a great lather, leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, and have lovely fresh smelling scents. My favorite scents are Agave Nectar and The Black Sea. 

3. Young Living Essential Oils

Nothing helps you relax like diffusing some essential oils. There are multiple companies you can buy pure essential oils from, but I tend to purchase mine from Young Living. While I have a variety of oils I use each day for health and wellness, stress relief, relaxation, headaches, etc., I do have some I use more than others. This time of year I tend to gravitate towards Thieves (to get rid of the germs!), Peppermint (great for headaches and stress relief), Lavender (perfect for bed time!), and Stress Away (the most relaxing scent!). 

4. My Book Cart

I am an avid reader. I read every night before I go to sleep. It’s one way I can relax at the end of a long day. I’m also a book podcaster, and as such, receive quite a LOT of books from publishers to review on my podcast. In addition, I have all the books I’ve purchased. And I’m always buying new books (much to my husband’s chagrin). In other words, I have a LOT of books.

I’ve run out of space for them on my bookcases, so I recently bought myself a book cart. I absolutely love it! I keep it in my room and put all of the books I have yet to read on it. This way, they are right near my bed for my night time reading. It’s perfect! I’m not sure what will happen when it’s full though…

5. Two Year Monthly Planner

As I said above, in addition to all the other things I do, I’m a book podcaster. I love podcasting, but it can get crazy sometimes when I’m trying to juggle recording episodes, editing them, and publishing them. So I need a way to stay organized. This two year monthly planner I bought from Amazon is sooooo helpful! I’m able to keep track of when I’m recording episodes and when they are going live. It’s an easy way to keep track of everything, making it less stressful. And, bonus, it’s so pretty! Plus, it gave me an excuse to buy a boat load of Taylor Swift stickers to use as decoration. 

These are the five items helping me be less stressed and more relaxed right now. And I love each one!

What items are you loving right now?


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