How to Find Your Style for Your Body Type


First things first, have y’all seen that article floating around of the two friends, who are different sizes, and how they wore the same outfit for a weekIt’s funny because my friend Carey and I did a try-on at Old Navy together back in March with this exact same idea in mind. It’s just taken me that long to put it all together. #momlife

I wanted to team up with Carey for this try on because we are both different sizes/heights and I thought it would be fun for moms to see that they can dress in the styles they love and see others wearing, they just have to find the right ones that fit their body type and pieces they feel comfortable in.

Also, I personally really enjoy doing try-ons in general and I absolutely love Old Navy. Old Navy has so many different sizes too. They also have petite, long and plus sizes. And almost all of their pieces come in those sizes. No one is sacrificing anything based on size. We can all look cute!

I have a more athletic/rectangle frame (straight down) and am petite (anyone under 5’ 5”), so I know what it’s like for clothes not to fit properly. I also have a short torso and long legs, so that complicates things even further for my short frame when not shopping petite.

Carey has an apple shape (carries most of her weight in the middle) and she has the opposite proportions as I do – longer torso, short legs. She knows what it’s like to not have the greatest selections and specialty shops as well. 

So here’s what we did! I went to our local Old Navy and did a full try on of everything everyday, mom casual and sent Carey some looks to find to try on and she found what she could while she was out of town.

Keep in mind, these were both done in store. That limited us with what would fit properly (they don’t carry petite shirts/dresses in store) and for Carey what they had in the plus section was limited. Remember: online will always have more options!

Wrap Dress

I actually didn’t think I would like this wrap dress on but I decided to give it a try because it’s pretty and has that preppy classic style. But I forgot that the wrap dress is a universally flattering style on every body type. Carey looks amazing in this dress too! It’s a beautiful dress on its own but it also looks beautiful on. A definite winner for both of us!


So I absolutely love this chambray jumpsuit. It came home with me. It’s got that 70s glam style and is so easy to dress up or down. While Carey didn’t find this same exact jumpsuit for her try-on, she did get out of her comfort zone and found one that looked great on her. She said she doesn’t typically go for jumpsuits or rompers, but actually really liked the one she found. It’s all about finding the fits that flatter you!

Tops and Chinos

These looks are a perfect example of Old Navy’s variations and finding pieces that not only fit your body type but that you also feel comfortable in. I loved this mustard polka dot pattern in the high low tank, paired with white chinos. Carey chose a tunic long sleeve top instead, but in the same pattern. She said for her try-on she had to go up a size in the chinos and they personally weren’t her favorite. They aren’t mine either but they’re nicer (and cooler in the summer) than jeans.


We’re both wearing dresses here. But we chose completely different styles/cuts/patterns. And mine doesn’t fit properly because it’s not petite. It’s too long. But Carey’s looks great on her! It’s the right length and fits her properly. 

Moral of this try-on story? Not everything is going to fit you. Not everything is going to look good on your body type (except a wrap dress). You’re not going to like all the trends and pieces out there. The key is finding things that do work, based on what looks/styles you love.

Tips for Finding the Right Pieces for YOU

  1. Shop at stores that carry a variety of sizes. Some of my favorites are: Old Navy, Target, American Eagle and Kohl’s (LC Lauren Conrad). 


  1. Don’t give up on a style (ex: rompers) because you haven’t found one that looks good on you yet. When you go to a store, try on ALL the rompers you can find. And try them on at different stores. All brands are different. There is a style/cut for everyone – you’ve just gotta find it!


  1. Please, please do not get hung up on size. Every single brand has a different sizing guide. Even within their own brand some times (h&m, target)!! Get clothes that fit you. Need to go up a size? Do it… it’s okay. You’re not doing yourself any favors getting clothes that are too small for you. It won’t look good and you won’t feel good in it if it doesn’t fit. No one will ever know what size it is but you. 


  1. Try different styles. Honestly I find the cutest pieces when I try things on that look bad on the hanger. I don’t know how it works, it just does.


  1. You will always look more pulled together when you can define your waist. Think high waisted pants, front tucking your shirt, wrap style dresses/tops. It adds shape and makes you look more proportional.


  1. It’s all about proportions. If you’re wearing a loose, flowy or oversized top, pair it with tighter bottoms like skinny jeans or leggings. Tuck the top in if you want to look more polished. If you have loose boyfriend or mom jeans, wear a more fitted, structured top.


  1. Similarly, don’t show too much skin. As moms, this probably isn’t an issue for most of us, but I still wanted to share. Pick one place to show some skin – arms or legs or even some deep cleavage or back when appropriate (you know, like a gala or something fancy). Just don’t reveal all of those places at one time. We’re moms after all, let’s keep it classy 😉


I hope y’all found this try-on and my tips for how to find your style for your body type helpful! It was so fun doing this with another mom friend. Every shape is unique and beautiful. Every mama can look cute in the clothes she wants to wear – it’s all about finding what flatters your shape and how to wear it.

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