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Our Favorite Jeans :: Does Designer Matter? Two Bloggers Tell All | Columbia SC Moms Blog

Two direct sales fashion companies I follow announced they are debuting jeans this season and my social media world exploded with excitement and one main question – how much were they going to cost??? Matilda Jane’s come in at $88. LuLaRoe’s are expected to be in the $100 range.

After I caught my breath, I googled jeans and was blown away. I mean, I guess I knew they existed out there somewhere in the ladies who model world, but for real people? I polled my friends and flabbergasted, found several who owned, not just designer jeans, but ones greater than the aforementioned price point.

I asked fellow blogger, Columbia Mom contributor, and fashionista Brandí Starbuck for an interview to tell me about this phenomenon because I was proud to say that the last pairs of jeans I bought at the VF outlet cost $14 each.

While I was waiting for her to get back to me, I did a little closet assessment and was surprised to find that I owned five pairs of jeans that I could comfortably fit into. Evidently I am a solid size 12. And evidently jeans are important to me. How else could I own five pairs of these things that I rarely wear?

And then it hit me. When I feel my body changing, an alert will eventually go off in my mind that says – go get a pair of jeans that fit. And when I go to Revente or TJ Maxx and find a pair – or two – I get back in the car feeling like all is right with the world.

I was already realizing the power of jeans. And I am going to confess, I found it a bit scary. Brandí knew all along she was a denim girl. Just listen to her describe herself (and me) and designer jeans:

“When Melanie reached out about doing a collaboration post – I was all in! I am a blue jeans girl! Whether it’s blue jean shorts, a denim skirt, or my favorite pair of blue jeans – I am all about some denim. She asked me how much – on average – I spend on a pair of jeans and when I didn’t miss a beat and replied “About $150-$200,” I thought she may never speak to me again. Of course, I have worn a variety of denim over the last two decades, but when I was introduced to high-end designer jeans by my sister several years ago, I never looked back.

My absolute favorite jeans are by Adriano Goldschmied, an Italian designer whose jeans range anywhere from $149-260. I purchased my first pair about six years ago and have worn them more times than I can say – and they still feel amazing when I slip them on. And they look better with wear. I can pair them with anything. A t-shirt and utility vest or jacket are my “go-to’s” or my “momiform.” I can dress them up with a lace camisole and a blazer or an off-the-shoulder bodysuit for a night out with the hubs. They are super soft and comfortable. I have washed them and dried them, played with my kids in them, worn them to several outings and around my house and they never fail to make me feel put together. They are the Stilt Cigarette jeans and a darker wash so I can wear them any which way I need to.”

“A newer find that I stumbled on about a year ago is jeans by Madewell, a JCrew Company. These jeans run about $150-$225 and are probably the most incredible jeans I have ever put on. They run about one size up, so I always feel very happy when I have to take a size down from my norm. (I mean, I’m a woman – lower sizing is always a plus for me!) Also, they “hold me in” at all the right spots! I have an instant “shelf” for the booty and my tummy is sucked in without me losing a breath. Plus they are super super soft and just make me feel 100 times more amazing – even if I pair them with a $2 tank top and flip flops from Old Navy.”

“Do I have pairs from Target? Of course! I love jeans of all types, but I can tell a difference in the ones from Target versus the ones I splurge on. The denim wears better over time and doesn’t stretch out like the other ones. And honestly, I would pay an ungodly amount for any item of clothing that makes me feel better about myself. Can you put a price on confidence boosting? Nah….”

And just like that Brandí convinced me. I knew that I was getting a pair of designer jeans for Christmas. Because my mom is basically Santa Claus.

Not ready to take the plunge? I learned a few things from my closet assessment and Brandí’s descriptions. I learned that I like dark wash and stretch jeans. I knew the fabric sweet spot for me was 2-3% spandex (or lycra or elastane). I admitted my $14 jeans took a lot of washing before they felt soft. And I agreed that the “booty shelf” is important. After all, the favorite jeans in my closet are “wannabettabutt” by Royalty – and they retail at $40!

Are you a denim loving girl? What’s your favorite pair of jeans? 

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