7 Steps to Taking Better Care of Yourself


Since becoming a mom it’s been a struggle at times to prioritize my health and ensure I’m living a healthy life for myself and my family. It is so easy to put everyone else’s needs first because, let’s face it, I just want to make sure my kids are happy and thriving.

Have you heard the phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup?” When you deplete all your energy and neglect caring for your own personal health, then your own health may slide. At that point, caring for a little one becomes like mental warfare. It’s important to go to doctors appointments as necessary, care for one’s physical and mental health, and not always say “yes” to every request.

You may think running on an empty tank isn’t hurting anyone but feeling a bit edgy, having your pants fit a bit too snugly or even having brain fog could all be signs that it’s time for a refill. Getting started on a path to wellness requires a purposeful mentality and positive attitude. But there’s no need to start big. Small steps still go up the staircase.

1. Get dressed

OK, it may seem simple but putting on real clothes helps with the mindset. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy but a nice pair of pants, a dress or jeans can help you conquer your day. When you dress in loungewear, you’re setting yourself up for lounging. 

2. See the doctor

Make a list of doctor appointments you’ve abandoned and pick up the phone or log in and make the appointment. Whether it’s your annual, the dentist, or even a counselor for your mental well-being, just do it. Check with insurance for coverage and ask around for reviews, if necessary, but just make sure you’re set on your doctor visits.

3. Exercise

You knew this was coming, right? No need to join a gym or some exclusive fitness boutique. Walking and stretching are just as good for your physical well-being and your mental wellness. Listen to a favorite podcast or artist as you do it. I’ve got an under the desk mini exercise machine to allow me to keep moving even while I work. You do what you need to do.

4. Ditch the negative

Go through your social media influences and unfollow anyone or anything that causes anxiety to arise. It could be a news site or even an influencer that constantly causes the crises of comparison. Whatever it is, don’t let the negative on social media weigh you down. 

5. Meditate or Pray

Whatever your religious or spiritual practice is, make sure to carve out some time to meditate, journal or pray. Having some quiet time to process your thoughts or speak with God is important, and allows you to slow down and make better decisions.

6. Examine your diet

I’m not saying to lose weight and overhaul your eating habits. But it’s important to look at what you are eating and see if it causes any anxiety, sluggishness, or if there’s something that is causing the pounds to creep on. It could be something as small as what you’re adding to your morning coffee or a bit too much snacking throughout the day.

7. Just say no

Finally, learn to say yes to what really matters and no to anything that you know you just can’t take on at the moment. If it’s causing you to feel overwhelmed or it doesn’t fit your schedule at the moment, it’s okay to decline the call. There are other people who can help. 

What would you add to this list?

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Natalie Szrajer
Natalie has lived in South Carolina most of her life after her family moved across the country from California. Growing up in a small, South Carolina town allowed her to appreciate the simple ways of country living. She now resides in Lexington which isn't too far from rural life. She holds a degree in Journalism from USC (Go Gamecocks!) and currently writes for a couple of Lexington publications. After giving birth to twins, she decided staying home was the best option for her family. In addition to identifying with other twin moms, she has also come to know the world of NICU survivors, early intervention and the world of special needs. Aside from being a twin mom, she also enjoys church and growing with God, writing, crafting, walking and a nice cup of tea. She also appreciates and loves learning about different cultures as she is of Asian American descent.


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