5 Ways to Feel Attractive When You’re Stuck at Home


Raise your hand if you’ve been in your pajamas and leggings for the past four weeks.

Yep. Me too.

I mean, let’s face it. We’re not leaving the house so why bother getting dressed, right? 

Well, actually, while it’s TOTALLY comfy to just be in your PJ’s and/or leggings all day, you may find it’s not the best way to feel attractive. Especially if you’re also skipping showers, and not putting on makeup. (You know you’re doing it too. Just fess up now.) 

So how can we feel attractive and comfortable at the same time while stuck at home?

Here are five tips to do just that!

1. Take a Shower at Least Every Other Day

It’s so easy when you’re working at home and not going anywhere to just get up, get dressed, and start your day without taking a shower. I get it. Trust me. Especially if your spouse is getting up with the kids and letting you sleep in a bit. But, taking a shower in the morning can energize you and make you feel fresh and clean.

So, even if you don’t take one every day, be sure to take one at least every other day. I’m sure your family will appreciate it as well. After all, the last thing we want is for our husband or kids to tell us we stink!

2. Do Your Hair and Makeup at Least Twice a Week

Even on days when I shower, I still don’t put my makeup on. And I usually end up putting my hair up in a ponytail pretty quickly. But, I’ve found it also can make me feel crummy about the way I look sometimes. And I also want to make sure I still look good for my husband.

So, I’ve found it helps if I put makeup on and actually do my hair (and leave it styled) at least twice a week. It can be for that weekly trip to the grocery store, or just one of those days at home (which is pretty much all the other days right now). Either way, you’ll spend that day feeling more attractive. (For tips on simple hair and makeup ideas, read THIS post.) 

3. Get Dressed

I know leggings and pajamas are super comfortable. And I know it’s so much easier to just wear them all day when you aren’t going anywhere. But, I also know that you’ll feel better about yourself if you actually put real clothes on. Again, you don’t have to do it every day (even I’m not opposed to spending a lazy Saturday in my PJ’s), but getting dressed more days than not, is a game-changer. I’m not saying you have to wear jeans every day but maybe put on a nice shirt to go with those leggings instead of your normal t-shirt. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, why not put on a pair of shorts and a cute top? 

4. Exercise

This one is a HUGE help when it comes to feeling attractive. Exercise boosts your endorphins, battles anxiety, and just helps you feel good about yourself overall. I always feel so much better after I exercise. I’m actually setting my alarm three days a week and forcing myself to get up and do it. Otherwise, it will never get done. And you know what? I’m glad I am. I feel so much better about myself and it gives me the push I need to start my day. The other great thing about exercise is it’s a guaranteed way to get you in the shower.  

5. Eat Healthily 

By now we’ve probably all seen the memes about “the quarantine 15” instead of the college “freshman 15.” Or the one that says, “If you don’t want to gain weight during quarantine, wear your bathing suit all day.”

It’s so hard not to eat everything in your house when it’s staring you in the face all day long. I get it. This is probably the one I am struggling the most with right now. But, you will feel more attractive and so much better about yourself if you really monitor what you eat. I’m not saying you have to go on a diet. I’m just saying to be more conscientious about the food choices you make each day. Maybe instead of reaching for that bag of chips or those cookies, grab an apple or some strawberries instead. Be sure to drink water all day long as well. That will help curb your hunger. 

What tips would you add to this list? 


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