Valentine’s Night in :: 5 Ideas for a Cozy Night at Home


If you’re not inclined to make elaborate plans for Valentine’s Day this year, here are five ideas to stoke the romance at home.

1. Cupid in a Cabin

Picture a log cabin in the woods with snow outside. A roaring fire illuminates the room. A blanket lays in front of the fireplace covered in a delectable spread of goodies. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Create your own cabin-in-the-woods date by laying out a big blanket in front of your lit fireplace or in front of your TV streaming a burning log video. Because cabin kitchens are typically small, don’t feel pressured to create an elaborate meal. Instead, think about one skillet or slow cooker meals where all the ingredients are thrown in together to save on dishes and preparation space. Wrap it up with hot cocoa and s’mores, or Valentine’s Day candy for dessert.

2. Heart in the Game

Make Valentine’s Day fun and have a game night with just the two of you. If you like a little competition, pull out some classic board games or raid your kids’ games for something new. If there is a gamer or two in the household, boot up the gaming console for a good time. My husband and I like to compete against each other in Mario Kart or Just Dance, but there are also games where you can play as a team. 

If you’re really tired after a long day and want a quieter evening at home, pull out a deck of cards or complete a really hard crossword puzzle together. Really tired? Plop on the couch in your coziest pajamas and shout out answers to trivia questions on a game show while munching on snacks. 

3. Roses and Relaxation

Unwind after a manic Monday with a DIY spa date. You can make it as no-fuss or luxurious as you want. It can be as simple as face masks and listening to music after a shower, or more extravagant with foot soaks and massages with luscious body oils. Use candles to add to the ambiance, and pull out some comfy robes and slippers for your spa attire. 

4. Date of Valentine’s Past

One of my favorite scenes from the Parent Trap (1961 version) is when the twins (played by Hayley Mills) recreate their parents’ first date at an Italian Bistro. They decorated a small table on the patio with a checkered print tablecloth and drippy candles. The maid chipped in and whipped up an Italian meal. The girls even found the love song from that night and played it on the record player.

Use this as an inspiration to create your own romantic dinner at home, and revisit some of your most beloved memories. Maybe you want to recreate your own first date or another memorable date together. Not into making a fuss over decorating or rearranging furniture? Just focus on making the meal or order take out from your favorite restaurant and spend the evening reminiscing over all the special moments you’ve experienced together.

5. Sweet Words 

When was the last time sweet nothings were whispered in your ear? The last time you received a love letter? Or a text that made you smile and blush?

Exchange some words of love with your significant other this year. Read poems from a book of poetry. Write your own poetry or love letters. Hold each other’s hands and just speak from the heart. Do one or all of these over a sexy dessert

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays whether I go out or stay in. It doesn’t matter where you celebrate it as long as you’re celebrating love.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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