Celebrating Earth Day :: 7 Reusable Swaps for Your Family to Try


Earth Day is April 22, meaning it’s the perfect time to reevaluate how you’re contributing to a healthier, happier planet!

One way my family is helping the earth is by consciously reducing the amount of waste we create in our homes. We’ve switched out several of our disposable, single-use items for products that can be used over and over again. This adds less garbage to the landfills and makes a more sustainable daily routine.

It may feel like a small investment when making the initial switch to eco-friendly products, but it’s important to note that you’ll save money in the long run by not having to repeatedly purchase household items. Above all, we need to make smart choices for our environment to thrive, and contributing less garbage is one easy way to do it!

1. Food Storage Bags

Replace your Ziploc baggies with these durable storage bags. They come in multiple sizes (including snack, sandwich, and gallon) and are airtight, BPA-free, and safe for the freezer and dishwasher. I especially love them for school lunches and storing fruit in the freezer for smoothies!

2. Pouches

Instead of buying single-use pouches, we use these Wee Sprout pouches and fill them ourselves! I originally ordered them for homemade purees when my daughters were babies, and now that my kids are older, they’re perfect for applesauce and yogurt. The bottom opens easily to fill and clean and then seals tightly for mess-free snack time.

3. Cloth Napkins

I can count on one hand how many rolls of paper towels my family has gone through in the last three years. Once I switched over to these flour sack towels, we haven’t really needed anything else. Although these aren’t technically napkins, they’re soft on my kids’ hands and faces, yet strong enough to absorb their little drips and spills.

4. Sticky Notes

Since I like to write everything down, this is probably my favorite item on the list. These reusable sticky notes adhere to any shiny surface and they don’t lose their stickiness no matter how many times you use them. Unlike regular dry erase markers, the special tacky markers they come with make your writing smudge-proof. I use these sticky notes to write reminders, lists, and lunch box notes for my kids.

5. Lint Brush

Between me, my girls, and our furry cat, a good lint brush is a necessity to swipe unwanted hair from our clothes. This one gets the job done every time without adding sticky sheets to the trash can.

6. Dryer Balls

Who doesn’t like soft, fresh-smelling, static-free laundry? These wool dryer balls can take the place of your dryer sheets while also drying your clothes faster, which helps conserve energy.

7. Shopping Bags

These sturdy bags from Trader Joe’s have been around longer than both of our kids and are excellent for hauling groceries between the store, the car, and the kitchen. Nowadays, it’s easy to find reusable bags so you don’t even have to worry about choosing between paper and plastic.

BONUS: Invitations

Both of my kids have spring birthdays so we have parties on the brain. One easy way to use less paper is to switch to electronic invitations. There are sites like E-vite or Paperless Post that help you personalize an invitation and track your RSVPs. I like utilizing Canva to completely customize my graphics and then email or text them to our family and friends.

All of these little changes together are just one way we’re honoring Earth!

What are some reusable swaps you’ve made?


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Tasheena Ticer
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