Easy Ways to Look Your Best When You’re Short on Time


Easy Ways to Look Your Best When You're Short on Time - Columbia SC Moms Blog

As moms we are always on the go. Always.

Whether you work full time, are a stay-at-home mom, or a work-from-home mom, there is always somewhere to be, something to do, and a need to rush out of the house. And unfortunately, sometimes (ok, maybe a lot of times), we end up sacrificing time getting ourselves ready in order to get our kids ready and make sure everyone gets out the door on time.

The end result is that we go out in public in jeans and an old t-shirt, no makeup on, hair quickly pulled back in a messy bun, and wonder if anyone can tell we didn’t get a shower in that morning.

Today, I want to give you some tips for looking your best when you’re short on time. Turn those busy mornings when you rush out of the house feeling half put together into days where you walk out feeling great about the way you look!

1. Pick out your outfit the night before

This is something we often do for our children but not for ourselves. Such a simple thing can save you so much time in the morning! No more standing in your closet and staring at your clothes for ten minutes trying to decide what to wear, only to end up deciding you don’t like any of it and just throwing on an old t-shirt and jeans. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a t-shirt and jeans but sometimes we like to wear something a little bit nicer. So, take the time the night before to pick out a nice outfit for yourself so you can just put it on first thing and go!

2. Use simplistic makeup

Like any woman, when I wear makeup I like to have the whole kit and caboodle; foundation, powder, blush, eye highlight & shadow, eye color, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner … all of it. But crazy mornings don’t always allow for that and most days I just end up not putting any on at all and scaring half the people I come into contact with. But there is no need for this, ladies. All you need to do is cut your makeup down to a few simple products. Here’s what I use for those mornings I need to get out of the house quickly:


A. Powder – A quick covering to make your skin look smooth

B. Blush – A little goes a long way and will give some nice color to your cheeks

C. Mascara – A MUST to give your eyes a pop

D. Highlight & Shadow for eyes – No need for full on color also. Just enough here to make you look like you’ve got something on.

E. Lip gloss – Quick and easy to give your lips a splash of color.

Voila! You’re done in just a couple of minutes and you don’t look pale and sleepy! And if you are REAL short on time and want to simplify even more, just use the pressed powder, blush, and mascara.

3. Use a Dry Shampoo for those days you don’t get a shower in

Let’s be honest here, ladies. You know as well as I do that many moms are lucky to get a shower in before they go out in the morning or sometimes at all during the day. This can lead to hair that looks greasy and lifeless. So, for those days, I suggest using a dry shampoo like one of THESE. It absorbs the oil in your hair, gives it bounce and volume, and leaves it smelling beautiful. My favorite kind is Dove Hair Therapy dry shampoo, but there are many out there to try. It’s just a matter of finding which one works best for you. The best part, is that it only takes a minute to spray it in and then you can style your hair how you please.

4. Try simple hair styles 

If you’re anything like me, when you’re in a rush your hair gets pulled back into a ponytail or messy bun. Those are a quick and easy go-to. But there are so many other quick hairstyles you can do that look wonderful and don’t leave you settling for less. Here are four simple hairstyles to try:

Low side bun

Style 1 – Low side bun – All you do here is pull your hair over to one side, put a pony tail holder in as if you’re doing a pony tail, but on the last loop, don’t pull your hair all the way through. Then, if you like, pull out a couple of strands to hang down. Put some bobby pins in to catch any stray hairs. This took me two minutes! So easy!

Pin back

Style 2 – Bobby Pin pull back – My hair is layered and I often find my top layer gets in my eyes and bothers me. This style is a quick solution to that problem. All you do is take a small section of hair on the top and bobby pin it back. Done. Literally takes one minute. You can’t beat that!

Side roll2

Style 3 – Side roll – I love wearing my hair like this! So easy and yet so beautiful. All you do is grab a section of hair on top and start to roll it, keep grabbing hair to pull into the roll till you get to about your ear. Put a couple of bobby pins in to hold the hair in place and you’re done.

Pin up

Style 4 – Pulled up and pinned – This one might look complicated, but I promise, it’s not. It only took me four minutes! Every time I wear my hair like this I get compliments that it looks like I had it professionally done. If you try any, ladies, try this one!

Step 1. Start by pinning the top half of your hair back with bobby pins.

step 1.2

Step 2. Grab a small section of hair in the back and twist it around your finger. As you twist it, you’ll feel your hair naturally start to loop and pull in towards your scalp. Bobby pin it down. Repeat with remaining hair. Use bobby pins to pin down any stray hair sticking out. You’re done!

Pin up2

As you can see, I have curly medium length hair, but these styles will work for other types and lengths of hair as well. And, if all else fails, there’s always Pinterest!

What are your tips and shortcuts to look your best when you’re short on time?



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