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So, there is this thing I think we all put on the back burner as women. It’s called, your breasts. But why is it so important that they are taken care of? I mean we have enough on our plate, right??!! Well, the short answer is for a more confident self.

Confidence is a large part of the new “Self-Care” movement. So how does confidence and a bra relate to one another? Well, if you feel good about what you wear, and how your body wears it, I am fairly certain you will feel good all around.

So, what do we do? Is there a perfect fitting bra? The answer is you can come very close. I spent five years of my life measuring and fitting women for bras. I have seen every size, shape, and need. I feel it’s about time we take care of what was given to us and get our confidence back. So, sit up straight, and take a minute for you.


Before we even look at shape, lets measure. The best way to measure your breasts is with a measuring tape from your sewing basket. First measure your rib cage just under your breasts. If the number you got was even, then add 4 inches. If the number was odd, then add 5 inches. For example, I am a 32. I added 4 inches, so I am technically a 36.

Next, measure the actual breast at nipple level a bit loosely. Round to the nearest whole number.

Lastly, subtract the band measurement from the breast measurement. For example, 39 inches (bust) – 36 inches (band) = 3 inches. That’s a 36C. Look at the chart below to find your measurement.

Your Difference       0          1          2          3          4          5          6                 7

Your Cup Size          AA       A         B          C         D          DD      DDD, F     G

What if you don’t want to go through all of this?? Well, here’s a little secret. You can go to most bra retailers and get measured for free!! Yes, go. Let them measure you. You can also try on several different colors and textures to see what feels best. Make sure you have no breast tissue spilling over, anywhere. Ask an expert, they won’t charge, and they’ve done it so often you have no need to be embarrassed!


Depending on who you speak to, there are either seven or eight different shapes. I like keeping it simple, so we are going over seven. Understanding your shape is important, because not every bra will look good or feel good on your body. To find out which shape you are, do yourself a favor and stand in front of the mirror … take a good look at yourself … and choose one of the following shapes.

Round– Typically full on both the top and the bottom. You are incredibly lucky as you can do pretty much any kind of bra. For a more relaxed fit I would stick to wireless or t-shirt bra (unlined or lightly lined). You typically don’t need a push up, but if you are going out on a hot date then go for it girl!

East West– This breast shape is easy to recognize. If you are standing in front of the mirror and your breasts point outwards. I would suggest a full coverage bra to pull them back into the middle. A full coverage bra has the most support on the sides. A push up (also called a plunge bra) would also do.

Side Set– If you have a large gap between your breasts then you are most likely a side set kind of woman. The best kind of bras for this kind of woman are plunge (or push up), full coverage, or Balconet. A Balconet bra is one in which the bra cuts across the chest in a straight line instead of the lining going up the sides and onto the strap. You find this cut often in lingerie, but they also serve a great purpose for this breast shape.

Tear Drop– Someone with this shape will have less fullness on top, and more on the bottom. I find myself looking in the mirror and realizing my breastfeeding days have gifted me this shape. Tear drop breasts look best in a pushup/plunge, or full coverage. That would give you the most lift up and in.

Slender/Athletic– If you have smaller breasts that are as long as they are wide, then you are most likely slender. Athletic breasts are typically a bit wider. If your goal is to get a more voluptuous look then I suggest a pushup/plunge bra. If you are looking for an every day look then I would go with a wireless. You will look just as good in a wireless as you would in a wired bra, so why not shoot for comfort?

Relaxed– Some of us will look in the mirror and notice our nipples point down at the ground. This is known as relaxed shape. The best bra for this shape is something that will bring the nipple upwards. I suggest a demi or tshirt bra. Why not a pushup? Usually with this shape you have the tissue there, it’s just a matter of getting them lifted a bit.

So, let’s “band” together, is there anywhere locally own that a woman can find a bra?? What are your thoughts on a woman making her breasts and posture a priority?


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